Is there an underlying reason why many doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses not supported by the bible?

have remained unchanged?

Some of these may be:

••Neutrality, no war.

••Blood transfusions

••The cross

••Disfellowhipping, shunning

••No birthday celebration

The above just a few that have no basis in scripture. Why throughout their history have they not progressed to find that the above are simply ideas of men or man made interpretations of the bible message. What about their organizational set up and training allows them to keep believing unsupported doctrines?


@Some great comments so far, thanks.

My family tree is loaded with individuals who became Bible Students then Jehovah's Witnesses. Some like my grandfather knew Russell personally, and both my father and mother were the closest of associates (actually lived in the same house) with Joseph Rutherford who was the sole inventor of most of the doctrines jw now follow.

I will give anyone responding to this question a hint, this statement was made by my father before he died, he was describing what it was like to work for the 'judge' as Rutherford was fondly called by jw of that era. He said: "The judge was so powerful and so convincing that if he asked you to run and jump off a cliff, you would consider doing it without question."

Now every Watchtower leader who was mentored by the 'judge' had similar feelings about the man. I think you will see where I am going with this hint.

Update 2:

@Roberta, you did not address the answer to my question. You simply used my question to reiterate and repeat jw doctrine. Most of us know very personally what those doctrines are. Perhaps next time you would at least make an effort at answering the question and not simply using the band width for your own personal preaching time. Don't forget to turn your time slip in, I am sure that composition (less the cut and pasted scriptural references) is good for at least 1/2 hour of reportable time. Am I right? I know how embarrassing it is to not make the minimum goals each month, so we truly do understand.

Update 3:

@WofB that was excellent about how much language plays a part in jw id and training.

Update 4:

@Queen of- Thanks for such a specific answer. I am really enjoying the broad spectrum of responses to this question. Thanks to you all.

Update 5:

@BrotherP hit very close to my feelings about the answer to this question. Currently every member of the JW Governing Body has been promoted from within. In fact that is true of every prominent jw since the days of Russell. Each of these men have been indoctrinated in the 'only true organization' acceptable to Jehovah and Jesus since the year 1919.

As each of thes former underlings made their way up the corporate ladder elder, circuit overseer, district overseer,zone overseer, branch overseer, secretary to governing body members, they had to accept and embrace all bible interpretations without question. They would have been subject to discipline just like any other member if they questioned or disagreed with the organization.

Now just what does a man do when he reaches the pinnacle of power, a position predicated on study of the bible and checking on doctrines? Why yes he just goes right on along with norm. In fact these men have never learned to read the bible message witho

Update 6:

.........without the rose colored glasses as provided by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

So we see very little significant change in unsupported bible doctrines. The status quo is most important to them.

Update 7:

@@"""l sense the conflict within you.. you afraid like the others of the truth. This mounted attack against God's People will fail.""" Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader

Wow maybe you should take up clairvoyance or mind reading, your dramatic terms do nothing to answer or defend your faith. Sound much like the old 78rpm records I listened to as a kid of your favorite Watchtower Pres Mr Rutherford.

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    Any religion/man that begins with the pretense of being sent from God must keep face with it's membership. This is the reason why Catholics don't change their doctrine (e.g. infant baptism, infallibility/leadership of the pope etc) - because it takes merit away from their "orthodox" image.

    This is what happens when mankind try to take power for themselves - the need for control and uniformity. It is the reason why God did not want an earthly king over Israel. It's the reason why Jesus said that his disciples should have no leaders.

    Man made religion takes away the individuals free will and the desire to seek and find truth for themselves. They take Jesus out of the relationship and replace him with themselves. They lull individuals into idolising them and their dogma rather than God. It is a design of Satan; a very cunning one (as if from God himself, but actually an apostasy which brings no glory to God and puts individuals off of God because of the reproach that illogical/dogmatic religions bring).

    Man tends to want control, power and glory (although it could start with good intentions it leads to the harm of the subjects). It is the reason why God/Jesus needs to step in, not a man made organisation.

    The JW organisation is no different. They want to look official and strong - something that has God's spirit and blessing. If they were to change those bigger doctrines it would take away many foundational beliefs that would harm their "solid" reputation; membership's faith in them would waver (even more).

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    The ones that you listed sure do appear to be the kinds of doctrines

    that are useful in creating a seperatist mindset among the rank & file members.

    If they followed the scripture primarely & then the glanced at WT articles secondarily

    they would begin to think more like christian people outside of the organization.

    This will not & cannot do !...they must feel the need to be

    solitary & secure in their very own exclusive doctrines , the ones that nobody else has.

    There was a man (i forget the name) who was going over some tidbits for some up & coming

    Watchtower articles with WT president Franz at his home,... and the man asked Franz

    " How exactly does spiritual food actually get to those individuals who need it ?"

    in response Franz got frustrated with this question as if it was wrongfully imposing

    and barked "They read the material and adhere to it !...that's how !"

    and apparently stormed off to the other room.

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    8 years ago

    Even though most of their policies are unbiblical, they have been enforced for years without question. This is the only strength they have to keep such tasteless and bitter rules that Jesus would never promote. The Jehovah's Witnesses use deceitful tactics to make their members believe that these policies are scriptural even though they have become highly questionable by others even within their own sect. Control is the keyword here. As long as they have and continue to recruit mindless, weak individuals, their corporation will continue to run its evil course. Regardless of it being scriptural or not, they have convinced their members over and over how they alone have the real truth. Here is a term which can help us understand why the JWs continue to enforce unscriptural policies:

    "LOADING THE LANGUAGE - Thought terminating cliches

    Everything is compressed into brief, highly reductive, definitive-sounding phrases, easily memorised and easily expressed.

    There are "good" terms which represents the groups ideology and "evil" terms to represent everything outside which is to be rejected. Totalist language is intensely divisive, all-encompassing jargon, unmercifully judging. To those outside the group this language is tedious - the language of non-thought.

    This effectively isolates members from outside world. The only people who understand you are other members. Other members can tell if you are really one of them by how you talk.

    This narrowness of the language is constricting. The individual is linguistically deprived because language is central to the human experience and his capacities for thinking and feeling are immensely restricted.

    While initially this loaded language can give a sense of security to the new believer, an uneasiness develops over time. This uneasiness may result in a withdrawal into the system and he preaches even harder to hide his problem and demonstrate his loyalty. It may also produce an inner division and the individual will publicly give the right performance while privately have his own thoughts.

    Either way, his imagination becomes increasingly disassociated from his actual life experiences and may even tend to atrophy from disuse."

    No matter how many mistakes are made within this sect, the JWs will always cover it up with their special language pointing out the following phrase "The light is getting brighter" mumbo jumbo OR "the apostles made mistakes, surely you can't accuse them of false teachings?" Sound familiar???!!!

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    8 years ago

    Honestly, such doctrines are probably some of the doctrines that some people find attractive, and that is why they still exist.

    With a few exceptions (such as doctrines of universal celibacy), the popularity of a doctrine has far more influence on its survival over the long-term than does its accuracy. One need merely consider the millions of people who engage in ancestor worship - and populations having done so since before recorded history - to see that truth is not essential to the survival of a doctrine or a religion.

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    8 years ago

    Yes there is an under-lying reason why JWs doctrines are not supported by the Bible.

    Their doctrines are not biblical that's why. The Leaders have been deceived right from its inception and therefore the whole organization has turned Cultish in their behaviour, not allowing grown adults their own choices in life about whether they will celebrate birthdays and Christmas or not, whether they feel led to go to war and support their other men-folk who have, whether they will have a blood transfusion rather than die on the operating table, whether they will believe the Bible and Jesus Christ's own words about the CROSS He died on etc. They actually have a doctrine of denial. They deny Jesus Christ is God (John 1:1) or Creator (John 1:3) They deny that Holy Spirit is the third male personage of the Holy Trinity (Bible calls Him "He, Him, etc" (John 16: 7,8,13 etc) and much more. It is because the common folk are not allowed to study the Bible for themselves UNTIL they have already been indoctrinated by the LEADERS of the Watch Tower Organization who have interpreted the scriptures for them, and tolerate no arguments or disagreeing from common folk.

    The JWs don't allow their members to even pray with us Christians as they believe we are of the Devil.

    Even when I have shown them scriptures to support the Cross of Christ, having been mentioned at least 25 times in the New Testament, they won't accept it; or scripture where Jesus Himself said or at least implied He was God (a good example is where Jesus was tempted by the Devil and told the Devil He should not tempt God Matthew 4:7) - I wonder why the Devil didn't say, "I am NOT tempting GOD I am tempting You Jesus" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They have natural minds, they are unregenerated and they operate under the rigid Law, but we are free in Christ to make our own decisions based upon God's Word, God's Spirit and our own conscience once we are born again Christians.

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    ••Neutrality, no war.

    This has been the cause of an incredible amount of persecution. Not only do people in America rise up against Witnesses for their lack of patriotism (especially in wartime), but regimes (like in Malawi ... classic case) see that they are raped, killed, beaten, and tortured for their lack of support. The keyword here is persecution. Without the high level of hatred coming at them from all angles, JWs would not feel that the Society is all that "high-profile" in the eyes of Satan. It MUST be God's genuine organization ... right?

    ••Blood transfusions

    Again, you have angry people shaking their fists at the brothers and sisters, accusing them of killing people, especially children. More persecution. Giving JWs a special card makes them feel like they are on an important mission for God unlike everyone else.

    ••The cross

    Hardly anything gets people stirred up like the cross issue. This is like your country's flag on steroids! Reject the cross, and you are rejecting and insulting Jesus. This causes most of Christendom to view Jehovah's Witnesses as bordering on if not already well into the realm of Satanism.

    ••Disfellowhipping, shunning

    How many times have we heard people complain about a family member or friend who was taken away and "brainwashed" by members of this "cult" (as many describe the org)? Hurt feelings and bitterness drive people to act out against Witnesses in diverse ways.

    ••No birthday celebration

    This one is especially bad for the kids who look forward to birthday presents and inviting their friends to parties. It's one way that children can get to know their classmates better and connect at a more personal level. Kids thrive on attention, and the more they get, the more they feel loved. These days, kids are generally so BADLY neglected by their parents (who commonly failed to grow up themselves), that having a party and getting a few nice things once a year is hardly going to spoil them! JWs may not believe in war, but I see this practice as being a war on kids. Children point to their weird Jehovah's Witness classmates and laugh or beat them up. Result: the poor JW kids feel persecuted and turn to their "spiritual family" since that is the only group to which they feel a sense of belonging.

    The leadership knows that these policies make members stick out like the nails on the fence that always get hit first (as the saying goes). The more JWs get hit, the more they are convinced that they are in the right club. It's a very simple concept, really. It is the underlying reason these policies are perpetuated. Give the flock an explanation for these interpretations that sounds intuitive and reasonable, and it will be quickly accepted, memorized, and repeated.

    "You can't understand all things in the Bible, so you MUST rely on the Faithful Slave," the Watchtower says. That is how Witnesses are trained.

    "Don't think independently or you will be disfellowshipped."

    This is how the organization is set up, and this is the mechanism that ensures that really IMPORTANT doctrines remain unchanged indefinitely. When no scripture can explicitly justify their existence, no scripture can be used to tear them down either. How convenient!

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    Power corrupts no matter what good intentions are attached. When power is attained by services or submission to former holders of that power, loyalty is expected. We see the truth of this in our political structures and of course in our religious organizations.

    It is very hard to change out the entire power base of any organized effort. But often it is the only solution. Some call it reform, like Martin Luther, Copernicus, Galileo, all true reformers. They paid heavy prices for being such.

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    If you mean by Their Bible the answer is simple. One reason is that The JW's do not have all the Books of the Bible to peruse. Also, of those they do have Their own Translations is to many non-Christian and Individualistic. Bias against the Catholic Church is highly and frequently pronounced by the JW's and I think that it is this which motivated their non-orthodox translations of the Bible.

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    For 43 years they followed the leadings of Satan and taught that the Great Pyramid was "God's bible in stone" before admitting it was from Satan and not God.

    The held a Light Bearers District Convention in 1972 [the year after the NWT was re-translated to say it was now not correct to worship Christ] when they have taught that the name "Light Bearer" was just one of Satans many names.

    Why would you ask if their teachings are not biblical, the bible tells us a lot about Satan and therefore the JW's teachings.

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    Should a person get ship wreaked on an island and find several pages of a bible. Upon reading and believing what he read could call himself born again. Not JW.

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