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幫我看看翻譯 給個意見


Peter smiled and nodded in agreement.(題解)


Peter nodded in agreement with smiling.

Peter nodded with smiling in agreement.

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    Your Chinese translation is correct!

    However, the two other versions of sentences are NOT the same!

    Peter nodded in agreement with smiling (彼得點頭與微笑)

    "in agreement with" means "同...一致"

    Peter nodded with smiling in agreement (彼得微笑地點頭同意)

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    Dark Helmet +1! Good point !

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  • 槑仙
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    9 years ago



    Peter nodded in agreement smilingly.


  • 9 years ago

    (X) with smiling

    (O) with smiling faces

    (O) with a smile

    (O) by smiling

  • 9 years ago

    Peter smiled and nodded as agreed

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  • 呆子
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    1.以 Peter with smiling nodded in agreement.原則上修飾詞儘量靠近其主要對象,以免發生混淆現象〈dangling〉

    2.Peter nodded in agreement with smiling .其中with smiling介詞片語當副詞用較不適當,當副詞的介詞片語為時間、方式、地點等,可較自由擺放位置,即句首、中、尾

    3.例the girl in blue is my sister.(O)

    the girl is my sister in blue .(X)到底是誰穿藍色的---------------

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