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Latin translation and spelling?

Can I have the following two Latin phrases translations verified also I'd like the original lettering's from the Latin alphabet. So in all I want translation and Latin spelling.

Lucem Ferre = 'Light Bearer'

Deus Non Est = 'There is no God'

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    Lucem Ferre is TO BRING LIGHT, or to carry/bear light

    LUCIFER is the light bearer - that was Satan's original role, but helas he botched it all and was thrown into the abyss - but the name did not change.....

    Deus Non Est well, if you mean. The grammar is sound, anyway.

    As for the spelling: Romans used, not surprisingly, the Latin alphabet - but they

    1. only wrote in CAPITAL LETTERS

    2. They had no u / U, but only V



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  • To bring light.

    Ferre is the infinitive form of to bring. Lucem is a direct object.

    Deus non est is correct. God is the subject, est in the verb to be and non makes it negative.

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