How likely is it that street weed will be adulterated with synthetic cannabinoids or other drugs?

I'm just curious if since spice is legal (in some places) it is being mixed with weed (and sold as natural marijuana) I've also heard of people putting meth in weed but that sounds strange and unlikely to me. Perhaps I'm wrong though. Does anybody know if this is happening?

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  • Vamp
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    8 years ago
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    The usual reason for adulteration is that the adulterant is cheaper than the real thing.

    In general "spice" is more expensive (up to three times as much) so using it to adulterate weed would seems counterproductive.

    There are reports that dealers have been lacing cannabis with meth. The" reason" given is that meth is highly addictive and the dealers are out to get people hooked. This strikes me as a little odd. You aren't going to keep your customers if you are in the habit of preparing nasty surprises for them (and anyone who found themself smoking meth-laced weed would get a nasty shock) and a casual seller - someone not really looking to build up a customer base - is not going to benefit from getting people addicted to something. These reports do sound like the usual scaremongering stories that end up in the press. In any case, it's the same issue as with the spice - crystal meth is more expensive.

    Having said that, people do mix these drugs (albeit on a do-it-yourself basis rather than they buy like that)

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