How do I stop eating meat?

I don't eat meat like all the time but I do enjoy it. I want to become a vegetarian for moral reasons (killing anything that's alive seems wrong to me) but I don't know how long I could go without eating things that I like. For example I really like this duck that they have at this Chinese place near my house but I couldn't eat it if I become a vegetarian. How can I make myself stop wanting these things? And what are some websites with good vegetarian recipes? Thank you for answering!

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    If you like the chinese place, why not get a tofu dish there :)?

    I think you should go vegan actually. It is way better for the animals <3

    A vegan is someone who does not consume any animal products. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey, and animal byproducts (gelatin, whey, casein, rennet.) In addition with not consuming animal products, they do not buy any clothing articles that are made from animals, buy any animal tested products or products with animal ingredients, and they do not support places which make money off of animal exploitation, such as Rodeos, SeaWorld, Zoos, etc. This is a philosophy/lifestyle not a fad diet. In 1951, the British Vegan Society, the first vegan society, explained the definition of veganism as “ the doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals,"

    People choose to go vegan because they are concerned about how animals are treated on factory farms and believe that no animal deserves to die or be exploited needlessly when we can thrive on plant based foods. Hens are crammed 5 or 6 into a cage, with no room to spread their wings. When they are spent, they go across a conveyor belt and have their necks slit by a rolling blade, while being conscious. Dairy cows are artificially inseminated every cycle. And once they have their baby, if female, they are no turned into another dairy cow. If they are male, they are confined to a stall with no room to move around, until they are ready for slaughter as veal. All the while, that mama calf cries for her baby that was taken from her, all so that humans could consume her milk. (And that’s just a small snippet of animal agriculture.)

    If you want a REALLY amazing speech on veganism. You must watch “The best speech you will ever hear” on youtube. I’m serious, it’s magical.

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    You can learn more about veganism at (Awesome organization that focuses on leafleting) (Stared a lot of great veg campaigns!) (Has "We Love Subway" campaign.") (Amazing sanctuary for animals) (World's First Vegan Society) (Brilliant website with a lot of interesting articles and information)

    To read about how to stay healthy as a vegan, check out these great websites. (You don't need to memorize all the nitty gritty details, just have a basic idea of how to stay healthy.) :)

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    I am only 14, but I've been vegetarian for about 4 years with no problem. I am now vegan. Just deciding that you want to try giving up meat shows that you're on the right track! Every time you eat meat, just think of how disgusting and bloody it was right before they cooked it. That's always a turn-off. Just think, "what makes me deserve this??". And remember that you're only going to be eating it for a few minutes. Is death really worth a few minutes of pleasing your tastebuds? I know people hate when other people recommend things that cost money on here, because nobody wants to go buy something they're not sure about, but "Vegan Living for Idiots" is an AMAZING book. Even if you're just going vegetarian, not vegan, it covers that too. It's what fully convinced me to go vegan. Or, there's usually some vegetarian/vegan recipe books at your local library. That way if you don't like them, you can just return them in a few weeks.

    Great reasons to go vegetarian:

    -Vegetarians generally live longer and are less likely to get some of the most major diseases.

    -If you're looking to be skinnier, that's definitely easy on a vegetarian diet. And if you're worried you'll get too skinny, that's a myth. As long as you make sure to get your vitamins and protien you're fine, but that's true with any way of eating.

    People think vegetarian foods are yucky, but I actually think most of them are delicious! Vegetarian foods are thought of as disgusting, but once you try them, they're not much different than meats. I suggest "Morning Star" as a replacement brand. You can find Morning Star foods in most common grocery stores, even places like Wal-mart! Please join the wonderful team of vegetarians and vegans! And pace yourself, go slowly. If you rush into it, you might think it's too hard. Slowly lessen and lessen your meat consumtion until you eat none. If anyone makes fun of you for it, just remember that you're smarter than they are, because you know humans aren't the only life that matters. You will most likely be getting into some debates about your new life change, so just remember to prepare with some facts for that. Sorry this comment was so long and please, don't be scared to message me if you need help or have more questions. I'm always open to answer any questions you may have. I don't know if it shows you my email from here, so here it is: OR

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    Try to go for a day without meat I have been a vegetarian for about a year and I don't miss meat at all it gets hard when u have to go to a place with lots of meat but garden burgers taste amazing

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    Quitting cold turkey is hard. That's they way I did it, but if you think it might be too difficult, try slowly stopping. Stop eating red meats, then pork, then poultry. some veggies eat fish, so leave that for last. Same with eggs. Try eating "meat" products, because a lot taste like the real thing. You might have to try a lot of things, but it's worth it :3

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    Eat 5 hot girls

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    stop eating them by thinking of all the nutrition and things that do good and if u put your mind to hating foods like that you can conqyer it! LOL

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    become broke. I don't eat meat because I can't afford it :P

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    animals kill each other all the time and we are animals so we have the right to eat whatever animals we want. so please shut the fcuk up about how killing animals is wrong and eat your fcuking steak you btich.

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