What's a cell phone plan?

I've never had a cellphone in my life, and I've been using my iPod Touch 4G to text and call people. Obviously I can't use an iPod everywhere without a WiFi connection, so I'm considering a phone.

And I keep hearing, "cellphone plan" everywhere. What does this mean? And what types of "plans" are there?

Any extra advice about cell phones is very welcome (: Thanks

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  • 9 years ago
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    Cell phone plans let you take connectivity outside of the wifi area. So you want to make a call or send a text or even browse facebook. You can do it anywhere(so long as you have service) There are all different types of plans to suit your need. Some allow for more or less minutes. Some allow for data connectivity. My favorite is for Sprint with the Simply unlimited everything for $80. Many people will argue sprint isnt as good as verizon or att. And they may be right but depending on how you use your phone will be what type of plan you use. If you are going to be using your cell phone a lot(tons of web browsing and movie streaming) sprint may be how you want to go as ATT and Verizon cap data useage at about 5gb after you pay for the upgrade. Then they start charging you per MB. Also see what phone compinies are best for where you will spend most of your time. Tmobile or Us Cellular may be a better choise for you.

    As a friendly reminder. Start reading more before asking such broad questions.

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    5 years ago

    Household plan, 800 whenever minutes, limitless nights and weekends (with nights opening at 7pm), unlimited cell to cell. Limitless texting on my mobile, 300 a month on the hubby's. Each our telephones have the PCS imaginative and prescient p.C. As well. Now we have three traces, so we pay for the extra one, however we don't use it. I did that so I would get the brand new purple Razr on the intro price. We're with sprint. It can be no longer the quality, but I've had it beautiful good with them, so I are not able to *****.

  • 9 years ago

    The samsung galaxy s3,htc one x,htc evo 4g lte,galaxy nexus,or iphone5 are you best bets towards getting a good cellphone. Plans are just things that you want included into your monthly bill. Sprint is the only carrier to offer true unlimmited everything to their customers. You should cheak them out if you want unlimited everything. And the htc evo 4g lte,samsung galaxy s3 or the galaxy nexus are your best bets if you choose them. At&t has alot of different plans , the htc one x,samsung galaxy s3,or the soon comming samsung galaxy note 2 are your best bets if you choose at&t. With at&t the max data cap that you can use and not get charged extra is 5Gb. There are 3 and 300Mb plans too. But if you use data then the 5Gb you should choose. And their minutes are also diff. Their lowest one is 450min and go's up to like a 1000 i think.? You get better speeds on at&t since almost all their network map is covered in hspa(a faster form of 3g but they advertise it as 4g) they have a few lte cities (which i am in) and they give you reallly fast speeds,sprint doesnt have as much cities but theyll get there soon,and if you drop a lte connection on at&t youll fall back on hspa and not have to stand those unbearable 3g speeds like on sprint. At&t is a little oricer then sprint tho but its wortg it. Now verizon has lte across the entire usa. But their prices are really expensive. I dont know their exact plans but i do recommend at&t,i came from sprint and have not looked back,their speeds are awsome.

  • 7 years ago

    There are 4 major cellular networks: ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint. These companies themselves sell service directly to consumers as contract or no-contract.

    Further, there are 'prepaid' cell phone companies that resell service under these networks, usually at much lower rates. Some examples are MetroPCS, Lyca Mobile, H2O Wireless, Boost Mobile.

    You can explore cell phone companies by networks and view plans etc. on allprepaidplans.com

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  • 7 years ago

    check out some cell phone plans in this website http://best-cell-phone-plans.blogspot.com/ then you can choose the best cell phone plan for your cell phone mobile

  • 7 years ago

    this is your best solution plan.

    It uses sprint and verizon towers to get it signal and is cheaper.


  • 7 years ago

    The absolutely BEST cell phone plan I found was with Lightyear Wireless. UNLIMITED everything on the Sprint network for $59.99. You are on sprint, but you pay your bill to Lightyear to get that price. Verizon TRUE UNLIMITED is just $119.99. You can even keep your SAME device if you are already a customer on Verizon. www.wholesalewirelessbenefit.com is the website I went through to join.

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