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Help with King Black Dragon Runescape?

I want to kill the KBG on runescape, i have 77 attack, 77 str, 76 def, 49 prayer, 99 magic, and i have very good gear with lots of money, im lvl 98 by the way. So is it possible for me to solo the drag or should i get someone to help, also if im not fit ti fight it right now what levels should i go for? With and without a freind

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    Magic isn't a great idea. Dragons hides are mage resistant ( thus why they're used for ranger armor ). You'd be better off using range if you can. Melee works ok but puts you close enough for all his attack forms so you'll take lots more damage.

    I'd recomend getting your prayer up more. Your going to need it to last as long as possible. The fewer prayer pots you have to take the more food you can take instead.

    BTW the best pot/food option would be Sardomin brews & Sanfew syrums. The syums do the same as super restores but also heal poison & disease which the KBD can also dish out.

    If you take a friend make sure it's a "real" friend. The route to the KBD lair is heavily guarded by pkers & you'd hate to find out your back up was one of them.

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    You can mage it for sure. Don't forget a d shield.

    Heres a guide:

    Youtube thumbnail

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