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Which of these teams is better?



---Meza-----------Torres Nilo







-----Arevalo Rios-Perez



*There are two Pereira's Maxi and Alvaro on the LB and RB positions. Knowing both coaches this is how the teams would start off and if they were to play today, who would win ?


@Don Ramon : true, however that's easier said thatn done, we're talking about Forlan and Cavani, and then Maxi Pereira and Alvaro Pereira who attack a lot on their respective wings, I seriously doubt Torres Nilo and Meza can contain these players, they're good, but come on we're talking about Forlan here (Neymar is sh!t)........

I think Adrian Aldrete would be the man for the job, he's excellent at 1-1 marking, Guty Estrada is as well...

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  • Jorgee
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    7 years ago
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    Dam Ima Have To Say A Tie 0-0

    Uruguays Offense Is Beast But Corona Wouldnt Let Them Score

    @Don Ramon Yea But Remember They Got A Good Goalkeeper Also Itll Be A Battle To See Whos Better

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Cavani & Suarez both are pretty good they keep getting HAT-TRICKS! And Forlan can help out and score as well, URUGUAY attack is pretty dangerous and the defense it's pretty good too, Uruguay has a pretty good team. Mexico team is pretty good too. Meza & Moreno play in Europe as titular and Torres Nilo and Meza are good defenders who can stop Cavani or Forlan, Gio,Guardado, & Aquino are good when they play together, now Gio is finally gonna minute and Guardado is getting experieced, Aquino pretty soon he will head to Europe, that's pretty good midfield, I would put Vela over Chicharito. Mexico 3 - 3 Uruguay

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think Uruguay especially with Abel Hérnandez on the bench for Uruguay. But, Chepo is a better coach so I think we'd win. It'd be hard fought and focused of a game tho. I think Jona should play in Salcido's place tho,(I love Salcido but it would work best with Jona I think).:)

  • 7 years ago

    uruguay only has a good attack. Everything else is alright. So as long as we can contain forlan and cavani ( luis suarez won't work without them ) were good.

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  • juan
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    7 years ago

    Dam Uruguay's front line is beast. Mexico would struggl. Not sure who would win tho.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago


  • Idk but thats a match I'd definately look forward to, even if I have to cancel some of my plans.

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