How on earth Pakistan were never be able to win a single World Cup match against India?

I mean what an unbelievable record! It's about 30 years now where Pakistan and India playing W.Cup matches(both ODIs and T20s) but Pakistan failed to win a single one! And the trend continues!

Seriously why oh why? And how on earth?

Make no mistake about it, we all know what Pakistan is capable of!

So what in the world makes Pakistan ends up surrendering to India in World Cup matches? Some problem with morality?

Now Pakistan in all sorts of trouble. There is a good possibility of them losing to Australia and out of the tournament?.

Warm congrat's to India for a massive win and still hanging on! South Africa game will be another tough test.


No need even to mention about stupid reasons like match fixing. Still there is no real evidence what so ever about a single match fixing occurred in Pak vs 1ndia match. We can leave it out.

I don't think it was the pressure either. Actually India was under more pressure than Pakistan every time these two teams meet.

Yes like most of you say it should be some sort of a mental block? But in every single match?

Also we can say that the chemistry between the teams in WC matches as the reason. It looks like Pakistan have no capability of going over India in the biggest stage of them all for some reason.

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    Sorry that i have to come up with a late reply but i come to YA cricket section after so many days.

    It's just a fact that they never won against India put alot of mental pressure on Pakistan.It's always a mystery how a mind works.Though India was under pressure for win at that stage,it egged them on to produce greater display of cricket and since the opponent was Pakistan it motivated lots of players in the side including a quiet Yuvraj until that stage and out of form Sehwag.

    Pakistan on the other hand seemed unable to handle the pressure despite having had a good start,hafeez got into a mental block with his batting and the fact that his bowlers went for runs added more pressure on his captaincy.He looked offcolor and that reflected on the performance of others,even the usually good Ajmal went for runs against Kohli.

    I dont think this is purely luck factor,mental block is also one of the factors bcoz Pak has the pressure of attaining their first victory against India in World Tie that will make their fans happy,so everytime even they step in with extra pressure(that's mental you see) and so is India from their fans.So far India has handled it well.No matter the form of these two teams in WC ties the matches between both India and Pak on the particular day has no bearing of the form that both the teams have gone through in WC before that particular match.

    To take an example,Roger Federer conquered(and still continuing to) almost everyone at his prime but he most often fails against Rafael nadal (he is 0 wins against Rafa at Clay in Paris Slam) because Rafa's game clearly hurts him physically and psychologically and those two players are the only ones who knows clearly why it does.Sometimes sports is very mental thing,there is more growing confidence when you play someone on the stage where you know you have beaten them so much before even if you are not at your best ur quiet confident while facing them.It is reverse for the player or the team that loses very often at that stage..This is exactly the thing happening between Ind and Pak rivalry.

    Still i must say Pak is a very good team and they can reverse this in one of the future WC so best of luck to them Hafeez seems a fast learning captain.As a Indian fan though,i hope this 100% result just keep going on and on :).

  • 7 years ago

    I will call this truly lucky. Even if you consider the pressure factor, there had been many chances when Pakistan could have had hold their nerves and won the matches. But it never happen. There is even no metal block. And since Pakistan hold a upper hand when you consider their overall record against India - it could give them some confidence. But whenever Pakistan plays India - they go in with a very high pressure with a must win type mentality. This might have not work in their favor(but in every match???)

    Anyways, beside talented cricketers on both sides capable of winning matches, I will primarily attribute this record just to the luck factor.

  • Adarsh
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    7 years ago

    There is a correction in ur question.Its not 30 years,it's 20 years.India first faced faced Pakistan in 1992 WC & went on winning since then.

    Although Pakistan may have had a better overall record against india,it's India who have proved to be a better team than Pakistan since last decade..As ganguly said,India has handled the pressure very well against Pakistan & thats why u see the 8-0 streak..

    plus Pakistan have had their chances in many of their matches,for eg, in 2007 WC it was Misbah who failed to guide his team home when his team needed him the most in both the matches.& Pakistan r alone to be blamed in their semi-final loss to India in 2011 WC where they did a pity descent job to restrict the strong Indian battin to just be frank that was like the least total they could had expected to chase considering the very strong Indian batting.But still their batsmen failed miserably & fell short of the target..

  • 7 years ago

    I don't know about other WC matches, but this tournament match really irritated me to no end! The problem with Paks is that they are not organized or learn from their mistakes like Aussies.

    'Yeah, we won! no sweat! Its ok if we lose against India cuz we have already won one match!'

    that's the problem with our team! Win one match/series, get whitewashed in the next! I cant believe the kind of sucky performance they gave against India! If they can play as well as there were only 25 balls left at the end, if they had played with more consistency and hard work, they could and WOULD have won! And broken this 'record' that India always win against Pak in WC matches! This could help them in future as the whole 'psychological advantage' wouldn't have any advantage any more!

    match fixing, or etc had NOTHING to do with their recent defeat but their own disorganization, not learning from their mistakes and most importantly, not setting their priorities right!

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  • 7 years ago

    It's all about handling of pressure and in T-20 the format is so unpredictable that things could changed in a matter of minutes..

    Look at the first to overs of the game, when Pakistan batted and bowled, looked like they would just rattle team India but then things just turned around..If Dhoni and company would have chocked then,things would have changed, but as a whole they handled pressure well against Pakistan and that showed out in the end,producing a victory...

  • T J
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    7 years ago

    There is this psychological better feeling & then there is this negative mental block.

    Its a matter of good mind games, where India has maintained one record against Pakistan. They are able to carry on with that positive mindset still.

    Every match starts on parity, with 50-50 chances for both the teams to win. Once this record is broken, the flood gates will open. The earlier winning team loses that vigor to defend the record at any cost. Else Pakistan still boasts of a better win-loss record against India. Long may this continue but as you said, Pak is well capable, just their mental block is still there.

    Today once again India were able to triumph against a good Pakistani team. This would enable this group to remain alive still. Australia with 2 wins, still isn't sure of a semi final place. They might be the front runners though. Good luck to all the teams, hopefully the best teams would progress.

    Well played to team India. Their detractors might still be looking for negative points, as they can't find anything right in their win or loss. Good luck to team India & hopefully they will win the 2nd match also, to give themselves a good chance..

  • k
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    7 years ago

    Because India play well in World Cups than in ODIs.I mean against Pakistan

  • 7 years ago

    As an Indian, it's good to read this stuff, but in the back of my mind I know that there is no ...genuine reason for this winning record against Pakistan. It just has been going well for us in the past three decades and I hope the streak goes on.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    It's a mystery of life.I've been waiting for many years for Pakistan to beat India in a World Cup ,during my days ,Pakistan used to do quite well against India with us beating them regularly but these days it seems India holds the upper hand.I do expect that to change in the future if Pakistan regains Muhammad Amir and if Junaid Khan realises his full potential.

    You really need express pace bowlers to knock over batsmen like Kohli ,Australia ripped through India because of the pace their bowlers bowled at and that intimidates the batting.Spinners are good but they can't really threaten batsmen like Virat Kohli.

  • Simple because they don't play cricket on Mars.


    The biggest hurdle for SA is they don't have a very good spinner on spinning pitches. Yet it's still not easy for India. Even if they beat SA, still their SF berth isn't sure shot, if Pak beats Aus. Then it goes on NRR, and currently India has the least among Aus, Pak. And even if they lose, they still stand a chance, if Aus defeats Pak. But again it goes on NRR. Close enough!

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