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Compare the care of the elderly received in the past to what happens today?

Its a coursework question. plz help i need at least a paragraph or two.

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    When wives stayed at home, and didn't work, they took in their parents who needed their

    help, when they became so old, they became sick and feeble. They went into their childrens'

    guest room and lived with them the rest of their lives. The wives were subjected to taking care

    of these elders while her husband worked. This was just expected of ones children until about

    the 60's when more wives returned to the work place. For years they've had retirement homes

    where elders that had personal savings to afford these residences, did. They gave up their

    homes and scaled down to smaller apartment spaces set aside for seniors. But when a person

    becomes unable to care for themselves, where do they go? To an assisted living facility for

    senior citizens. They take in seniors that are able to mostly care for themselves, but might

    need a little help with daily things. So there are care givers who work the floors of these

    homes to see that all of the seniors eat their meals, can bathe and dress themselves and

    enjoy what activities they can, despite their limitations. Because of the shortage of these

    homes, they are forced to put all seniors together, except for those totally immobile and

    need around the clock assistance. Those people would go to a fully approved nursing

    home, also registered by the state. Medicare pays for some of this housing, and Medicaid,

    picks up the rest if the tenant is low incomed.

    Senior citizens are allowed to leave their apartment homes to go anywhere, but they must

    sign out to let the management know where they are, when they aren't in their rooms. And

    they can partake of any of the homes activities that appeals to them. They can also watch

    their own TV's or use their computers, if there is a hook up. Each residence is different. Some

    you pay for both your TV and computer connections. There are three meals in the dining room

    daily. And unless you're sick, that is where you're supposed to eat. It takes some adjustment

    to living away from your home and being in strange quarters. But if you aren't able to remain

    at home, your options are few. It can be sad for any of us, who have to leave their homes, and

    their spouses and their pets. But most of us have to resign ourselves to the inevitable, when

    we reach that certain point of needing to be cared for. This is the state of affairs we find our-

    selves eventually. But we learn to live with it.

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    I'm old enough to remember when the elderly lived with family. They were more content there and were given good care. The only people in nursing homes were those who had no family or those who needed nursing care. The doctors visited the patient at home. A home call was $5.00 whereas an office visit was $2.00. Most medications were poured into a small envelope and going to the pharmacy was rare.

    Nowadays there are nursing homes, assisted living homes, homes for the elderly because there's no family member willing or able to keep their elderly family member. Most women work and aren't home to care for someone.

    I am one of the lucky ones. My daughter and son-in-law insisted I stay with them after I broke my femur. The care I received was without flaw. Then during my recuperation, they raised the issue of living permanently with them. I was reluctant to give up my apartment and independence but I realized that I was disabled and needed help with some chores so I agreed. And so, nearly 3 years ago, I moved in with them. They have 6 children, 2 foster children (my brother was killed and the children needed a home), 2 adult siblings of my s-i-l who have cerebral palsy and are mildly retarded. my daughter does not work outside the home but she is a state employee for the foster kids and the adult silings who weren't wanted by their parents. I have the bottom floor of their tri-level home. I can be as independent as possible but I have help immediately available when I need it. It is a wonderful alternative for me. I have a spinal cord injury and rheumatoid arthritis. I am able with the help of my power chair and a walker to do all the laundry for the family. I can occasionally prepare some food for the family but I don't have the responsibility of doing anything. It's perfect for me!! My daughter has stated repeatedly that I'll never go to nursing home. She has had basic nursing skills and has worked in nursing homes. How lucky can one old woman get?

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    interior the previous the elderly frequently lived close to kinfolk and have been cared for with suggestions from nuclear kinfolk. They have been extra respected back then, human beings felt that the journey their elders had have been properly worth something, unlike at present, all human beings in basic terms talks all the way down to the seniors like they do no longer understand something and did no longer have an entire life of journey to make it this a methods. at present households are all chop up aside, emotionally and geographically, an older guy or woman knows of they actually might might desire to easily place self belief in themselves later in life and desire for the superb. My father replaced into in a nursing living house for a jiffy in the previous he died, he had a intense stroke and there replaced into no way we would desire to look after him at living house. It replaced into undesirable, he replaced into handed over and did no longer get good care, it replaced right into a blessing whilst he gave up the ghost simply by fact i could no longer stand the assumption-approximately going living house and leaving him in that nursing living house. And their each and each of an identical. Too many sufferers and underworked, underpaid group who do what they are in a position to yet its no longer attainable to grant all human beings the attention they %.

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    Medications and biology have made more strides in the last five years than in all of medical history. This said to my wife at Mt. Sainai Hospital in NYC about 15 years ago!

    The approach and attitude of the medical community is more realistic, more grounded, more patient oriented than "specimen" oriented..

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    Why should we do your coursework for you? Do your own research. Just because we've been around the block more often than you doesn't mean we're experts on every topic imaginable. It's no wonder to me that the college graduates of today have so much trouble finding jobs. You have no work ethnic, you want it all handed to you tied up in a nice neat bundle.

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