selling a gaming desktop?

I'm 15 years old, and i have no money to buy a laptop, but i recently obtained a desktop computer from my cousin, who is going to college, according to him is a gaming computer, but my mom won't buy me a monitor, so my newly gained desktop is useless I'm planning to sell this on ebay or amazon for 300~330ish dollars, because the laptop i want to buy is 270 and the cooling pad i wish to buy is 40 dollars, and maybe 10-20 dollars as a thanks to my mom. I don't know a lot of computer stuff, but my cousin told me the specs.

Asus mother board,

Coolermaster cooling fans

3.0 GHZ core 2 duo

Nvidia Geforce 8800GT

and i think thats all i remember :P, if you need to know more stuff then I'll answer in the details

But he said it can run games like Starcraft 2, call of duty mw3, Battlefield, skyrim, you name it popular games on very high settings and at stable fps of no never lag.<-- thats how he put it.

is 300 dollars for this computer a good or bad deal?

-PS, and I know some of you computer geeks are going to say that this computer is a worthless garabage compared to Alienware Nvidia hybrid super saiyan sh*t, and say sell it for a dollar, but please be real, I'm just trying to get some money for a laptop.


Oh, its windows 7 professional, and it has word document 2010 on it,

its missing a cd drive, but you can hook a usb one to it and that should be perfect,

also it has a dvi port for the moniter, (I think thats why the monitors were so expensive compared to vga ones)

Update 2:

1 terabyte of hard drive, 3 gb of ram

Update 3:

@Noland I doubt a person would sell a top of the line recent gaming computer for $300, although this one is about 2 years old

Update 4:

@kevin, bad deal for me, or the person who's gonna buy it?

Update 5:

Oh and my cousin didn't use it that much, he said he used it about a year, and he was busy with work and school, and i couldn't use it at all.

Update 6:

the word document 2010 comes along with microsoft office 2010, my bad, just to clarify with you guys.

Update 7:

@kevin its ddr3

Update 8:

@noland ddr3

Update 9:

@noland so at $300 a good deal?

Update 10:

@noland my cousin said hes not so sure how fast the ram is, but he said the motherboard is p5k deluxe

Update 11:

and it has a random wireless card to it too

Update 12:

@borhan I'm not trying to buy a gaming laptop, i'm gonna buy a okay new one to replace my 7 year old one

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  • Denny
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    7 years ago
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    $300 is prob too much.

    what model of ASUS?!

    is the ram DDR2 or DDR3?

    how much ram and what is its speed?

    how big is the hard drive?

    what is the os/ (windows version)?

    I can build i pretty good one for that price new for gameing if a copy of windows was handed to me

    edit: word document 2010? you mean office 2010? brings it up $50-$100 if you use it.

    3gb ram is lowish but not unreasonable, speed and ddr3 is more important

    that hard drive is the best feature worth $60 used in this hard drive economy

    $300 is reasonable but just barely

    try to talk him down if the ram is ddr2, and because the processor is just a bit slow for gaming rendering and multitasking.

    edit: ram and processor is a very big deal from two years ago. DDR3 at very fast speeds (1600) is a must!!!!!!! and with the insane drop in price of sandy bridge, better components are very cheap these days.

    edit: ok ddr3 great. is it 1600 speed or more? if so that yes it is worth it considering that beautiful hunk of a hard drive.

    chipset assessments will have to wait for another occasion

    it will play Skyrim at medium settings which is still really food.

    oh one other consideration.. the WEI for gaming graphics. From the computer itself, access the control panel and find the category called performance and information tools (in small icons mode) and make sure the category called "gaming graphics" is at least high 3s. a score over 5.0 would be excellent for that build.

    edit: yea that s decent motherboard, should still play skyrim, but make your cousin aware that that is NOT DDR3 it is DDR2 ram slots


    ddr2 will be extinct in a few years but it should still play plenty of games

  • 7 years ago

    to tell the price go to controll pannel, (category view) system and security, system, windows expience index, bottem right click re-run the assesment when done if base score is 1.0 the computer is crap if 2.0 its 40 bucks if 3.0 -4.5 its about $250 if 5.0 $400 if above 6.5 base score its worth about $700

  • 7 years ago

    $300 isn't that bad. Try putting it on craigslist for 300 and dont let them talk you down under 250.

  • borhan
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    7 years ago

    for gaming laptop is a big no no ...they overheat with a hour of play better is to buy a cheap lcd monitor from craig list with only 20$

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  • 7 years ago

    300$ is enough

    Source(s): experience
  • 7 years ago

    I think that's a bad deal, you can sell that for up to $400 (if you're lucky)

    Hope it helps..

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