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2012 Presidential Election Survey, please.?

I have a history project in which I need to survey twelve individuals about the upcoming election. Please state your age, gender, and name (if you do not mind). Definitely need input of seniors older than 70 years.

Two questions to be answered:

What are the main issues facing the united states in the 2012 presidential election?

Which candidate (Democratic or Republican) do you believe answers those issues the best? Thank you!

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    Sunny, F, 60

    The main issues facing the United States in the 2012 presidential election:

    1) Job creation

    2) Health Care

    I believe Obama will answer these questions the best. Here is why.

    Having watched lived through nearly twenty presidential elections in my lifetime, and having been an observer of how this country has changed in the last fifty years I am confident that a vote for Obama is a vote against the GOP. And that is a good thing.

    The trajectory of economic failure in this country and marginalizing of the poor and middle class is directly inverse to the Republican Party's tenures in office and it's long term goal of Corporate Feudalism.

    That may be seen directly in health care issues by watching this video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    It is too long to explain, but it is a short video that depicts Richard Nixon in a closed door session with Bob Erlichman discussing how the creation of HMO's in 1971 will REDUCE HEALTH CARE TO INCREASE PROFITS for insurance companies. Sorry for the capital letters, but it's evil. You will see that when you watch the tape.

    Ronald Reagan in the 1980's proposed his "trickle down" economics. It is an illusion because it does not take into account the human factor. That is the greed of man for more money. The reduction in taxes and this phony idea of trickle down economics never worked.

    Reagan set about immediately cutting social services for the most poor making it impossible, for example, for single mothers to attend college because there were no longer daycare services. That was a terrible cut in benefits and forced mothers to stay on welfare. He also cut funding to mental institutions and it caused rampant homelessness for the mentally ill. Under his watch many middle class people went homeless because jobs were cut under his new economic plan.

    Fast forward to this time. The deregulation of many important things like utilities and banking has caused high prices for gas and electricity and caused the current mortgage crisis.

    The Republicans want to privatize and deregulate so much that there will be nothing left for workers. We will literally owe our souls to the "company store". Meaning that the Republican party and their cronies will control ever financial aspect of our lives and we will have nothing. Minimum wage will be thrown out. Children will be allowed to work again. Unions will be thrown out. We will essentially be in the same condition that 1800's England was in with work houses. Endentured servanthood, etc.

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    19 Adam, and I would vote neither if I really had a choice. We have turned into a democracy, when we shouldn't be. And jobs mean nothing. All a service economy will do is take money and shuffle it around. But because our govt feel they need to control business, everything is mad in China. I you have any questions email me and I can answer any questions the best I can, and/or explain further if needed. Good luck on your project :)

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    37 year old male and will vote Romney. The main issues for me are the economy, no new taxes, and the rising debt. Obama has failed, his policies are prohibiting economic growth, he has added more debt in 3.5 years than any previous president and his solution is to raise taxes. In a recent interview Obama was asked what he would say to a single mother with a Masters degree that has been laid off and can't find a decent job. His response was to tell her to go to trade school or community college to learn the skills to get one of the jobs that are out there because a lot of the high paying jobs won't be coming back! Is this really the type of leader we want? Obama doesnt believe in capitalism or American exceptionalism and he needs to go. Romney has business experience and political experience and maybe he can turn things around.

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    I'm 19, and male. The main issues are the economy and jobs, foreign policy is also an issue of importance. I think Obama would handle these issues the best. Romney is too trigger happy, so he won't do well with foreign policy, and Romney won't do well on the economy because he's running on trickle down economics, which always fails. He also doesn't care about 47% of the country.

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    I am a 19 year old male, my name is Joey

    creation of jobs and foreign policy i think are the main issues for this election.

    I know that Mitt Romney is the man for the job because, Obama has created even more unemployment during his term and added of 5 trillion in national debt. Mitt has a plan to create millions of private sector jobs, where as obama wants to create mainly government jobs. As we all should obviously know that will create more debt for the country which we do not need.

    As for foreign policy, Obama has made America look weak by apologizing for free speech and doing nothing about Iran and russias nuclear weapons. at the same time he is decreasing our military and nuclear weapons which puts our national security at risk. Romney will make our military stronger and make sure that Iran does not create nukes, and will stand with our ally Israel. Obama has been disrespectful of Israel and continually refuses to deal with Iran bullying them.

    And I live in New York, One of the most liberal states and biggest supporters of obama. My vote is pretty much pointless but i will vote anyway because obama needs to go.

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    Our Social Security because Romney said he would cut it and Medicare because Romney said he would cut that too. I am voting for Obama because I don't want to end up on the street.

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    Dave is a moron. Yeah ROMNEY has built 3 companies into thriving business's but he couldn't run the economy better than the "Food stamp POTUS" good luck with your life kid. You will need it hahahahahaha

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    I am a 65 year old female retiree and I know Mitt will make sure my social security and medicare will succeed. Obama has already stolen money from medicare to fund his useless healthcare program. Trust me he could care less about seniors and the middle class.

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    Im an anarchist so idc about them

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