Trouble remembering name of an old children's book?

It was this book I used to read about I think he was a kid detective? I remembered this when I remembered I used to read those 'Henry And Mudge' books. "Kid detective" probably isn't so much detailed, but thts rly all I remember about the book, lol. Thanks for the help if the answer does happen to pop up anywhere.


It wasn't that Brown book the first answerer suggested. I read this kid detective book in like 2003 or something I think I was in either 3rd or 4th and Henry and Mudge and this OTHER specific book were two of my favorite series books. And I need to know the name now. Lol, So, not rly an "old" book. Just can't remember the name now.

Update 2:

I found the book title. The book was called 'Nate The Great'. Anyone else remember this book?

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