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Anonymous asked in SportsBasketball · 9 years ago

LeBron James or Larry Bird?

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    9 years ago
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    Its not always about the number of assists when only 1apg separates them. Its HOW they pass..Bird passed to his teammates for layups and dunks 9/10 times..when Defensive big men could camp out in the lane. Lebron doesn't thread the needle as often as Bird did.The reason Bird is a better passer is b/c the celts were set up as such that Bird didn't have the ball and Lebron only averages 1 assist per game more having the ball 25x(actual number) more per game...thats pretty weak..Bird is better than Lebron James's 18 reasons why.

    1) Numbers-they are give and take but Bird still takes it.

    2) Intangibles-Clutch, leadership, heart- Bird wins.

    3) Passing-Bird is the greatest passing Forward ever...period.

    4) Shooting and FG%.. Lebron gets 2ppg more BUT shoots 5% less than Bird...

    5) Rings

    6) Bird is the 5th leading NCAA all time scorer.

    7) Rebounding and a big one....Bird is 84th all time defensive rating to Lebron's 115th.

    8) SPG and BPG they are even.

    9) A 2-3 Zone defense would be Bird's DREAM D to play against. The league(Stern) has implemented rules that would favor scorers like it ain't tougher, it's easier. MJ, Larry Brown, ,Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, and Shaq all said that it was much harder to score and be effective before 2001.

    10)He outplayed and/or stayed right with athletic players like Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Dantley, Nance, Agguire, James Worthy each game, ALL THE TIME. Today is even less competitive at the SF position not more competitive.

    11) This is the first year I've finally seen Lebron develop some inkling of a post game, Bird was the greatest post player ever that wasn't a center or pure power forward. Baylor is the other greatest in the post at the SF.

    12) Lebron has never nor will he ever(Probably) move without the ball well enough and out think his opponents well enough up to Bird's standards..Nobody had a higher b-ball I.Q. than larry bird..If lebron did...I'd then say he's better but that's a no go.

    13) ...And Bird's numbers are what they are WITH his celtic hall of I don't agree with the "Lebron had a weaker team" theory which I hear all the time. Bird led all of those HOFers in every major statistical category...Lebron didn't lead in rebounds, SPG, FT% for starters, or 3PT% for starters, on his mediocre(which they weren't that bad) cleveland squad. And no bad team makes it to the final...b-ball is a team sport. Lebron left to play with dwayne wade....that would be like MJ and Bird playing together...think about that.

    14) Bird always drew double teams, but he was a WAY better passer soooo...

    15) Bird was THE most unbelievable shooter I have ever seen, the shots he made I've yet to see from lebron james.

    16) At this point in Bird's career...he averaged 29.9ppg 9.3rpg 6.1apg FG% 53 they are even on bpg and spg...Lebron is 27.1ppg 7.6rpg 6.2apg FG%48 Birds: Prime(1st 6 yrs) was 28.1ppg 11.1rpg 8.3apg all of that with 50%FG ...Lebron has NEVER matched those overall numbers.

    17)If you're thinking that Bird would not dominate in today's NBA..when Zach Randolph and Kevin Love are stars...Bird would most definitely be a SUPERstar.

    18)A dunk and a lay up BOTH equal 2 points.

    Analysis: If you doubt his ability to improve a random group of players, look at what he did at ISU - he took a team of no-names to a near perfect season. On that ISU team Bird was the only one who went to the NBA, Michigan State had 3 players including Magic who got drafted. Translation-Bird WAS that team. His first year in the NBA, without McHale and Parish, he turned the Celtics from a 29-win joke to the best record in basketball. When he missed 1989, they fell apart without him. Automatic at the free throw line. The greatest clutch player since Jerry West. Very good team defender. His first year, he improved the Celtics 32 games in the win-loss. When he missed 76 games in the 1989 season, Boston replaced him with Reggie Lewis (who was 2nd in most improved player voting), yet the Celtics slipped from 57 wins to 40, despite having Lewis, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parish on the roster. The only 1 of 2 players in history to lead his team in ppg,rpg,apg,spg, FT% for starters, 3pt% for starters for at least 94% of his career. Oscar is the other aside from the 3pt% ofcourse. And if Bird played today he would dominate

    Source(s): Lebron is great and close but Bird was something else. Lebron is the better athlete BUT Blake Griffin is better athlete than Lebron (especially now + Griffin's size and other things) would you take him over Lebron? I wouldn't just... like I wouldn't take Lebron over Bird. Bird wins. ..Athleticism matters but only to a certain isn't more important than skill. Never will be, otherwise Shannon Brown is better than Larry Bird but he isn't either.f we are going off of accolades and awards ...The MVP system is seriously flawed..The MVP award actually means veerryyyy little at the end of the day. Oscar Robertson only got 1 MVP? Shaq only got 1 MVP? Jerry West, John Stockton, Isiah Thomas and Elgin Baylor don't have any, and Steve Nash gets 2 in row?!?!?! I think its more of a popularity contest more than anything... Class is dismissed.
  • 9 years ago

    Larry Bird

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Larry Bird, for now.

    He was a better shooter/rebounder. He has 3 rings to LeBrons 1, and had a more successful career than James.

    Source(s): Richy
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    A one on one sport is an exhibition game, it isn't an legitimate recreation. Being the freak athlete he's, James could be too speedy for bird and he would make use of all his athletic abilities, and most generally he'll win. But 'actual' basketball is available in the market on the courtroom with four different players. If that's the situation, fowl would dominate LeBron. Chicken is basically sound, a greater defender, a first rate shooter, a much more shrewd participant and a better competitor than James.

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  • Adam H
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    9 years ago

    At this point in time Bird, but LeBron is pretty damn close to catching up. Bird avereaged 24.3 points per game, 6.3 assists, and 10 rebounds per game. Makes you wonder why he doesn't have more triple doubles doesn't it? Bird was a much better shooter than LeBron, but LeBron has more athleticism and can drive better. Bird actually once was only 1 steal shy of a quadruple double heading into the 4th quarter in a blow out game, but he asked to sit on the bench. He didn't care about stats or awards, he just wanted to win.

  • 9 years ago

    Larry Bird!!!

  • mark
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    9 years ago


  • 9 years ago

    Right now Bird but at the end of his careers it will be LeBron. He will have more points and a higher PPG then Bird. He will have more assist and APG then bird. He is also a better defender but Bird is the better Rebounder and shooter. It will be interesting to compare in 5 years but if lebron can win a few more rings he will be known as the greatest SF.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    The GOAT SF

    So bird!

  • 9 years ago

    Its da BURDMANNN!!

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