What is Waltham,MA like?

Is Waltham diverse? What is Brandeis like?


I'm considering applying to Brandeis and from what I've read Waltham is a small town. I've always lived in an urban community and have been around many races and ethnicities. Being a minority it's important for me to be around other minorities. What is Waltham like? Can you please describe the demographics? I remember going to Brandeis when I was eight but don't remember much...can you please describe Brandeis? I heard that Brandeis is mostly suited for Jewish students is that true? Does Brandeis have a diverse student body? It's be great to hear from real Waltham locals and Brandeis students! Thank You!

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    1. Brandeis is somewhat diverse - probably not as much so as some schools, but it's a fairly progressive and liberal school and although it's largely Jewish, it's not 100% so. There will be other minorities there. And Waltham itself is relatively diverse as well.

    2. Waltham isn't a small town, unless you live in Manhattan. It's a larger suburb of Boston that has its own downtown area, and it's known for having a lot of good restaurants. Not upscale places mostly, and it's got a lot of good ethnic restaurants (Indian, Chinese, other Asian restaurants as well as Italian, Greek, all kinds of great restaurants). Also, it's only a few miles from downtown Boston, and it's pretty easy to get there by public transportation. (Although public transit isn't 24/7 like New York or Chicago).

    Personally, I really like Waltham. It has everything one would need - besides great restaurants, it's got a supermarket, and lots of other businesses, and it's a very pleasant place. Lots of community events, quite safe, and a reasonable cost of living by Boston area standards. Brandeis is a bit more suburban than some of the schools right in Boston but it's a good school and I wouldn't be concerned about being a minority there.

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    it's ok

    it's not a small town

    a smaller city perhaps, but don't for one second think that it is rural. It has a population of about 60,000.

    part's of Wlatham are run down, other parts are nicer.

    It's not a pretty town, but it's kinda cool. There are lots of restaurants on Moody Street, and a commuter rail that runs into Boston as well as a few bus lines

    it is also on Route 128 which has all sort of high tech companies

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