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coast guard enlistment questions.?

im interested in joining the military. mainly because at the moment i have no direction and i know they will give me one. iv always been into boats so im leaning towards the coast guard but would consider the navy. i would rather be in the coast guard but from what iv heard there is a pretty heafty enlistment wait (like 4 years!?) for boatswains mate. but on the other hand iv also read that there is a 7500 dollar enlistment bonus if you go into food service? now i dont really want to be in food service but if one rate take 4 years and they'l pay you just to go into another it would stand to reason that there would be a different enlistment wait for each rate based on the popularity of that rate. SO i was wondering if anyone could tell me which rates i could pursue and be in basic in under a year. or if im going to have to wait a long time no matter what. its also my understanding that while on the waiting list the ppl who get picked arent whoever has been waiting the longest but who are the most qualified. i have a clean record got good grades in high school, awesome letters of recomendation and have a few skills under my belt. is the coast guard really so stacked that there picking the creme of the crop only?

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    1) There are no affiliation bonuses this coming Fiscal Year.

    2) We still offer guaranteed FS "A" School.

    3) There is no waiting list to get into the Coast Guard. People have to wait a long time to get a ship date - provided they are qualified and accepted for enlistment. It's a misperception that people can just apply and wait for an opening. Nowhere close to everyone who applies makes it in.

    4) We are enlisting the lowest number of active duty people ever this coming Fiscal Year. Yes, we really are that difficult to get into. We only take the best, even in good recruiting years. Remember, we only have ~33,000 enlisted people worldwide. That's it. That's all. With retention rates higher than I've seen them in the past 33 years, we just don't have that many vacancies coming up.

    5) Contact a Coast Guard recruiter soonest. He/she will have the most up-to-date information on what it's going to take to get qualified and accepted for enlistment.

    Source(s): I am the Coast Guard's Accessions (i.e., Recruiting) Program Manager, responsible for all recruiting programs except the Coast Guard Academy.
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  • 8 years ago Here is a link to the CG A school list... The current wait time for BM is 12-18 months. The wait time, if accepted into the CG, is anywhere 6 months to a year, maybe 18 months. Where this 4 years thing is coming into play, I have no clue where you got your information, but it is bad. Also, I don't believe there is currently a bonus in place for FS. I'll check with some of my friends that are recruiters, but I haven't heard of there being a bonus for a while now. I could be wrong, not sure.

    I will tell you choosing a rate based solely on its advancement or quick placement into school is a TERRIBLE mistake. You will be a crappy Petty Officer in a crappy job (because you won't like it, not that the rate is crappy) and all you will end up doing is washing out after 4 years with basically nothing to show for it. instead, attempt enlistment, wait to go, wait for school and be a productive, happy & responsible Coastie. Then you might actually make it a career and have a great time and a great life in the CG.

    Think of it this way... $7,500 (if that is even accurate) one time and a job for 4 years that all you do is piss and moan about it. A little less immediate money, a career you love and have pride in, and after 20 years of honest to God work a guaranteed check for the rest of your life! Which do you think sounds better???

    Source(s): CG Family for more than 27 - Ex-husband is a Captain with 27+ years of active duty and loves every minute of his life. Son who is a Petty Officer and is very happy he waited for his job in the CG and is hoping for a 30 year career himself. administrator WWW.USCG.ORG forum - come ask Coasties and recruiters yourself... You will find that choocing your rate is truly choosing your fate.
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    United States Coast Guard Forum

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    My Best Advice for you is to speak to a Coast Guard Recruiter. Go to a Public Library and ask a Librarian and she/he should give you the better direction than I.

    Now, whatever questions you have here, make sure you ask the Coast Guard Recruiter that Question.

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    it is particularly in comparison to that. The USCG would not take somebody with a extra valuable score now, fairly than somebody with a low score in 2 months. they purely take a definite quantity of individuals each three hundred and sixty 5 days. of direction your AFQT concerns in the undeniable fact that with a terrible score they gained't look at you, yet it is somewhat approximately it. It somewhat relies upon on the recruiter that your working with. If he/she's have been given 30 distinctive heat bodies to p.c.. from then your score will rely slightly extra. Now on the commencing up of the financial three hundred and sixty 5 days( 1st of October) they are going to be watching all their applicants could furnish(AFQT score, volunteer hours, jrotc ,college credit, etc.) and that they're going to make their very final determination. whilst the recruiters do initiate the recruiting technique, they are going to be working with lots of distinctive people, so it significant which you score as intense as you are able to. i could incredibly propose which you purchase an Asvab learn in the past you're taking the try. I did and its probable motives why I scored so intense and have been given prevalent into the USCG. good success to you!

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    Bud, first understand that no matter what branch you go into, it`s 4 years active duty, 4 years reserves.

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