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Shilo asked in Politics & GovernmentElections · 7 years ago

Why did Ann dress like this as a guest on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno?

I'm really wondering what she was thinking?

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  • 7 years ago
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    In a bit of Ann Romney defense, the "Tonight Show" is aired at nighttime when more formal attire would be considered acceptable to many. The leather (or "pleather" as one critic claimed) suit was, in "Project Runway" terms, probably a bit overdone---too "busy" in design for the layered or "ruffled" leather skirt and somewhat over-sold by the lace pattern of the black high-heeled shoes. Maybe this was an outfit a designer asked her to wear or that her husband likes, so give her the benefit of the doubt would be my suggestion, even though I thought the overall look was a bit tacky.

    Of more concern to me was the behavior she described for her husband. When asked by Leno if her husband was "frugal, or cheap" Ann Romney immediately replied, "Cheap." Bear in mind that this man is a multi-billionaire with numerous off-shore accounts and numerous homes, cars, and an elevator for cars in at least one of the family's homes and then examine what Mrs. Romney said of her husband's neurotic ("cheap") behaviors: "Whenever we go out he shuts off the hot water heater. And then when we get home, he pretends to 'forget' to turn the hot water heater back on" telling the family "Cold showers---not so bad" when they complain about no hot water. This guy's priorities are way out of whack, which might explain why he chose to abuse his full-grown Irish setter pet Seamus by tying the soon-terrified nervous-breed dog to the top of one of their cars' roof inside a narrow pet carrier for a 12-hour highway-speed family outing to Canada, the unrelenting ROAR of wind hitting the trapped dog's sensitive ears until the traumatized Seamus got "the runs" (Ann Romney's laughing term for hysteria-generated diarrhea so severe it ran down the back car window)! Romney's "cheap" ignored the needs of the dog when he, the 36-year-old multi-BILLIONAIRE could have easily afforded to rent or buy an RV or use a larger vehicle! What does this say about his ability to problem-solve or to feel empathy? He did his faked "ha ha ha" empty laugh for the interviewer and then told her, "Oh it [the pet's diarrhea and trauma] was alright. I just pulled off at the next filling station and hosed him down" (and then put the dog back into the cage and continued on, totally oblivious of and arrogant about the dog's emotional needs!). That character flaw seems to have far more significance for voters than how his wife dresses for a TV show appearance, in my opinion.

  • Tootoy
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    7 years ago

    She can wear what she wants until Nov. 6. She is also a liar for saying her husband is cheap. After November 6, Michelle Obama will remain the star attraction.

  • shauna
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    7 years ago

    Well Anita Life you need to get a life. I have seen the FLOUS wear some really G-- awful outfits some red and black get up and some kind of dress that made her look like she is pregnant so I would not talk about Ann Romney. I hate the fact that Michelle Obama wears off the shoulder dresses and strapless dresses to formal state affairs. She is supposed to represent the USA for evermore and not looking like some hooker.

  • anteby
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    3 years ago

    properly, as FDR had achieved throughout the great melancholy, Obama is attempting to realize out to the traditional common human beings of united states of america, and clarify his policies and projects in his very own words. lower back interior the day while human beings listened to radio and weren't so obdurate of their political ideals, they might hear to what a President suggested he replaced into going to do, and then stick to it up by way of reading approximately it. immediately human beings take the words of political correspondents with genuinely no political technological awareness skills, over the President of the U. S.. no longer that any baby-kisser might desire to be depended on, yet you owe it to your self to a minimum of be politically literate with regard to the policies in place, and how they are presently reacting and affecting the financial concern. no longer that it concerns plenty, yet Bush cowered from the common public spotlight in the time of his very final months in place of work, doing genuinely no longer something through fact the country slipped into financial turmoil.

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  • 7 years ago

    i would assume she was trying to look a little cooler and "with it" than usual. I'm sure she's a nice person, I just don't want her as First Lady because that means Mitt would be Prez.

  • 7 years ago

    She was trying t appeal to the common man. Just a bit trampy in order to appear young, never works.

  • 7 years ago

    Thinking? N O T

  • 7 years ago

    I like it. The lady is attractive. But ....

    Vote for Obama in November.

  • 7 years ago

    I am an Obama supporter, this is what I would expect coming from the other side.

    We do not need to go with all the Anti Christ, Fat wife, negative crap.

  • 7 years ago

    Because she couldn't get away with wearing a sofa cover and boobie-belt.

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