holidays in Tenerife?

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I would like to ask for help from people who travel a lot.Me and my husband want to go to Tenerife in this december,but the thing is that we don't travel a lot,so we are completely lost now how to choose the right holiday. We would really appreciate if you could share your experience about holidays in Tenerife i.e is it cheaper to book the flight and hotel separately?Maybe someone knows a cheaper holiday web site?And maybe someone found an amazing hotel in Tenerife?Basically any information how to have a great holiday for a cheap price would be really appreciated.Thank you!

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    8 years ago
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    What have worked for me is:

    1- Search for advance booking

    2- Search and compare several sites always! (the opportunity may show up in any site, so don't keep jut with one source if you found a good price once)

    Where to start?

    And, rline websites...

    When searching within the sites, check the following:

    a- use flexible dates

    b- use alternative airports

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    Go online to Teletext holidays, they always have the cheapest holidays in The Canary islands and always have done..

    If you want an amazing and fantastic for a couple, then it would be probably best to avoid Playa de las Americas and go to Santa Cruz de Tenerife, or Los Christianos. Or maybe visit the small island of La Gomera, it's about half an hour on the seacat from Playa de las Americas.

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    it may well be cheaper to book apartment and flight separately - there are lots of nice apartments on Tenerife so you can cook for yourself if you want, eat out if you don't.

    if you are booking it yourself online, use reputable websites and make sure you have travel insurance THE SECOND YOU BOOK. You should also pay for scheduled airline failure cover, costs peanuts but will cover you if the airline goes bust.

    go get a guidebook and find out about the place, and look on Tripadvisor. If you want a good deal, make sure you are flying home before Christmas, as staying over Christmas makes prices rocket.

    southern Tenerife warmer and sunnier, north is greener and cooler. Good bus system, stay out of the very centre of Las Americas but apart from that, it's a nice spot.

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