Ukraines most common language?

I heard that general populance doesn't speak ukraine but german or russian polish mix even english

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    Western Ukraine (7 oblasts = provinces) mostly speak Ukrainian, which has been influenced by Polish much more than the U. language of the rest of the country... also they have some specific intonation and pronounce words differently, kind of in a "Polish-Austro-Hungarian manner" so to speak, since those lands actually belonged to Poland and Austria-Hungary. In South Western Ukraine there was/is also Romanian influence.

    The rest of Ukraine speak *as we call it* "classical Ukrainian" = literary Ukrainian and/or Russian. Some people (with poor/bad education) mostly speak "Surzhik" - a mix of russified Ukrainian words and ukrainisized Russian words.

    The most widespread foreign language in Ukraine is English - it's taught in every school. #2 is German of course, which is very important, just like it was in the USSR. #3 is French - not a lot of schools offer it though. In Crimea Tatars are taught their native language. (the same in Russia and Belarus - in terms of foreign languages)

    There have always been a lot of Poles and Germans in Ukraine, which once belonged to Russian empire (look up: the history of Germans in Russia/Russian empire). Just like the Russian language, Ukrainian has a lot of words of German origin.

    There are also thousands of ethnic Germans - descendants of those, who settled here centuries ago. Some got "slavisized" some - didn't. My family (paternal line) also has German roots, and the only "strange tradition" we preserved is: learning German in school is a must, which means that parents have always cared what class to choose for their child(ren). That's why I learned German in school and then studied it at a uni.

    There are not a lot of people like me, and not a lot of Ukies can actually speak German (at least fluently). Mostly they still choose English.

    Source(s): Northern Ukrainian - North Western Russian, living in both countries; both languages are my native.
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    The official language is Ukrainian but there are around 20 other languages spoken regionally.

    The languages below are spoken regionally:




    Crimean Tatar



    New Greek












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    RE: what's the most long-established spoken language in Ukraine? I have an opportunity to go work in an orphanage in Ukraine subsequent summer time. I want to begin finding out the language. I've observed contradictory data- some places say that Ukrainian is spoken, some say Russianis most fashioned. Which would be most clever for me to be taught? Thanks!

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