Help on these 7 SAT math problems?

I am confused on how to do these 7 math problems from my SAT prep packet.

Would someone be so kind as to explain to me the process to get the answers?

1) A pension fund has a total of $1 million invested in stock of the ABC Company and bonds of the DEF Corporation. The ABS stock yields 12% in cash each year, and the DEF bonds yields 10% in cash each year. The pension fund received a total of $115,000 in cash from ABS stick and DEF bonds last year. How much money was invested in ABC stock?

A) $750,000

B) $600,000

C) $500,000

D) $333,333.33

E) $250,000

2)Two circles have diameter of 22 and 10 units, respectively. The area of the larger circle is how many percent greater than the area of the smaller circle?

A) 120%

B) 220%

C) 288%

D) 384%

E) 484%

3) If x and y are positive numbers, what percent of (x+3) is (2y+1)?

A) 50(x+2)/y

B) 100(x+3)/2y+1

C) 100(2y+1)/x+3

D) 2y+1/100(x+3)

E) x+3/2y+1

4) The average of 6 numbers is 2,125. If the average of 5 of these 6 numbers is 1920, what is the value of the sixth number?

A) 205

B) 2400

C) 3050

D) 3150

E) 4045

5) Douglas is twice as old as Roger. Roger is 2 years older than Eric. In 8 years, Douglas will be 10 years older than Eric. How old is Roger now?

A) 6

B) 8

C) 10

D) 12

E) 16

6) Teresa is three less than four times Walter’s age. Two years ago, Teresa’s age was five times as old as Walter’s age was then. How old was Teresa one year ago?

A) 17

B) 16

C) 15

D) 14

E) 13

7) The vertex of the graph of a quadratic function f(x) has coordinate (8,2). What is the vertex coordinate of the graph of f(x+3)-4?

A) (11,-2)

B) (11,6)

C) (4,-1)

D) (5,6)

E) (5, 2)


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    0.12x + 0.1(1000000-x) = 115000

    0.02x = 15000

    x = 750000

    Answer A.

    [ (22-10) / 10 ] (100%) = 120%

    Answer A.

    [ (2y+1)/(x+3) ] (100%)

    Answer C.

    (2125)(6) - (1920)(5) = 3150

    Answer D.

    D = 2R

    R = 2+E

    2R+8 = 10 + R-2+8

    R = 8

    Answer B.

    T = 4W-3

    T-2 = 5(W-2)

    4W-3-2 = 5W-10


    T-1=4(5)-3-1 = 16

    Answer B.

    (8-3, 2-4) = (5, -2)

    Answer not in the options.

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  • Erika
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    4 years ago

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