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is it any more dangerous to fly in asia than us and how many crashes happen in asiaa?

I saw on news about a crash in pakistan and saw news recently of a crash in nepal.

Is it safe to fly in asia?

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    I think some Asian airlines may be less safe than most airlines, but in general most Asian airlines are as safe as any airlines in the world. China Airlines (Taiwan) has a poor safety and accident record, but has not had a fatal incident in many years, Garuda (Indonesia) has a less than stellar safety record as well. Cathay Pacific (Hong Kong) has an excellent safety record and was recently named the safest airline for it's size class in the world. Singapore Airlines prides itself on having one of the youngest fleets in the airline business and is very safe.

    Personally, I wouldn't trust some of the smaller airlines that have very old fleets in countries like Pakistan, Nepal and some other underdeveloped countries, but you can't generalize and say all Asian airlines are not safe, some are among the safest in the world.

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    Asia is a continent, they are many different countries in the continent all with different safety standards, countries like Japan have better records than the U.S infact. Others like Indonesia or Vietnam unfortunately don't.. But I would say air travel in most of Asia is as safe as North America. Europe however is safer in general than both North America and Asia.

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    It's safe to fly in Asia, although the safety record isn't quite as good as it is in Europe or North America. Some individual countries are just as safe as anywhere else, such as Japan. But other countries have rather poor records, such as Indonesia.

    Even so, commercial air travel is very safe around the world, so you're unlikely to have any problems.

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    Well you cant get a ticket to asia because asia is just a continent, you have to choose a country on asia, there are a lot of countries in asia. Russia, india, Iran and many others. It depends where your going in asia

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    Its just as safe as anywhere. I remember a while back there was a string of crashes in North America.

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