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Good place for two college students to live in Seattle, WA?

We both are graduating from vocational school (Electronical Technology) so we'd be qualified to do some technician stuff, so we'd have an alright amount of money.

Wheres a good place beside the dorms for two 18-19 years old girls to live? Re-locating all the way from Pennsylvania.

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    This depends on which college. You likely want to be able to get down town by walking or an express bus.

    First, here is a list of neighborhoods

    I had a very well paying job and liked the Northgate area, 15 min commute by car, very reasonable rent, quiet,_Seattle

    For going to clubs, you might like Capital Hill. great people watching, lots of expensive-ish restaurants, This is the area most young people live, some in shared housing, if you like that idea. I lived in a studio and shared the bathroom but the noise level was a bit much for me.

    For great international food and great bus service from downtown, University District, thousands of University of Washington Students,,_... quality of apartments varies widely. The great food is the main reason I love to go there.

    I would avoid, and this is just a personal thing: Ballard was once a separate city and is very far away from everything, except is has nice taverns and music. West Seattle has beaches, but a monster bridge you need to navigate to get to many clubs and cultural food, and the Seattle International Film Festival.

    I wish you the best in your move! Bring hoodies and clothes suitable for rain, not so much for snow.

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    It'll fee you 30% extra to are living at any place on the West Coast than the place the two of you now are living. Consider the move very cautiously. In case your intention is to be be involved in film-making/producing/screenwriting your transfer should be to LA. No different area provides you with the opportunities you might be watching for to your chosen profession. There are plenty of outdoors activities to hold you occupied in California. And the rate isn't rather much bigger than in Oregon or Washington. As I began...The West Coast is a much more costly subject to live in than the areas the 2 of you presently are living in, so go to the subject that offers you the nice threat to achieve your profession. Tha approach UCLA or USC in LA, CA.

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