I loaned a man in Nashville,TN total of $4,485. todate I have not received 1 dime I myself live in SC?

There is much more to this story btw. The other day he once again BEGGED me for more money! I explained Im at work I can not break away to wire him (money gram to Walmart) HOWEVER he continue to beg me. My supervisor did speak to me regarding this issue. SO now he still owes me $4485 and now got me in trouble @ work. SO yes sir I sure want to SUE him questions 1) is it small claims? 2) he is in TN im in SC I have all the proof from moneygram and western union 3) PLUS he has big IRS issues too! Please Help need advise! Jane in SC

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  • 8 years ago
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    Do you have anything in writing? You could be out of luck. I would change your phone number. You'll never see any of that money.

  • 8 years ago

    Western Union and Moneygram receipts mean nothing unless you have something in writing between the two of you explicitly stating this is a loan that will be repaid. If you just have an email asking for money, that is not proof it's a loan. He can argue that it was a gift from you and nowhere did he say he would pay you back if there is no written proof of this being a loan

    You would need to sue him in TN in his county. You have to check his county laws on the financial limit for small claims suits. It varies from place to place so it might be $5000 in your county but in his the limit for small claims is only $3500

    Before you sue, send him one certified letter to his home address making sure you signed and dated it. Keep a copy of the letter and delivery confirmation is a safe place. In the letter lay out the facts only, no emotion. Something like

    Dear (full name)

    On (Date) I loaned you (Amount) through WU/Moneygram with the understanding it would be repaid on (Date). I loaned you an additional (amount) on (date) thru WU/MG with the understanding it would be repaid on (Date).

    It is now (Date) and I have yet to receive repayment of these loans. This serves as final notice that you are required to pay (Amount) in full in the next 7 days. Failure to comply shall result in me filing a suit against you in (his county name) court


    Your name



  • You're looking it the wrong way. Now you know not to loan broke people thousands of dollars. I mean sure every other human has the natural common sense to not do that in the first place, but hey! now you know

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