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Why did Israel provoke the Six Day War?

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  • Tim D
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    8 years ago
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    Israel didn't provoke the Six Day War. The question should've been: Why did Nasser provoke an Israeli attack? He caused a crisis by deploying his army in Sinai and closing the straits of Tiran. The idea was just to regain his leadership of the arab world by getting the arabs to rally around him. Nasser had NO INTENTION of starting a war. The truth, which so many people ignore, due to ignorance or propaganda, is that ALL arab armies were deployed DEFENSIVELY. Egypt had just three infantry divisions along its frontier with Israel. The bulk of its armor or offensive power was much farther away to the west and was intended to be used as a reserve to contain an Israeli attack. Of course this plan failed but the point is, Israel was always assumed to be the one which would initiate a war.

    But if your question is, why did Israel ATTACK,they just took advantage of an opportunity to destroy the arab forces and seize territory they wanted. There was never any real danger of an arab attack, since Syria and jordan were also deployed defensively.

    Source(s): Encounter with the Middle East by Winston Burdet. ARABS AT WAR by pollock.
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    the Israelis Never provoked any war Mohamed did when in 700AD invaded the Land of Israel

    and taught the Muslims that anyone who did Not believe In Mohamed and Allah they must die

    all the Israeli Arab wars are caused By the Arabs/ Muslims It is time the Muslims Left the land of Israel and went back to where they invaded from

    Or learn to live with the True Inheritance of the Land of Israel

  • Rikard
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    Israel started the war when they made Pearl Harbor style surprise attacks on the Egyptian and Jordanian airfields, and then followed that up with NAZI style blitzkrieg tank invasions on the ground. They did it because they wanted to possess the Sinai peninsula of Egypt, the West Bank of Jordan, and the Golan Heights of Syria.

    An Egyptian counterattack got the Sinai back for the Egyptians, which led to a peace treaty, but the Israelis still keep the people of the West Bank and the Golan Heights under military occupation with plans of stealing those lands for Israel.

  • 8 years ago

    It seemed pretty clear that their neighbors were gearing up to attack them. Israel is paranoid about their national safety, both because of memories of the Holocaust and because they're such a geographically small country (even smaller then). They were worried that if they waited to let the Arab states around them strike the first blow they'd be overwhelmed before they could properly fight back. Instead they decided to strike first, and because of the element of surprise they were able to destroy most of the Egyptian Air Force, the largest in the region, thus greatly hampering the Arab war effort against them.

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  • Mike
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    If you read the Israeli propaganda, which the USA is always endorsing, the Six Day War was a "defensive war" against a build up of Egyptian forces in the Sinai Penninsula.

    This defensive reason for war was in fact an excuse for Israel to take advantage of Egyptian disorder in their government at the time. The Israelis also wanted to take control of the Sinai for its resources, to use it as a buffer zone against Egypt, and for extra land to colonize with kibbutzes and military bases.

    The Six Day War, contrary to what Israeli and American sources write, was a planned aggression against Egypt in order to weaken their power in the region. Israel and USA are currently attacking all middle eastern nations in an imperialistic set of actions designed to eradicate Muslim religious culture and introduce a secular system that makes Arab people economically dependent on America and Israel. As always, the Israelis officially say they are acting "defensively" even though their every action is an aggressive provocation.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It was a well planned preemptice strike, and they acted in defence and didn't provoke it, they saw it was likely to occur and made the call.

    Take into account the result of the earlier wars

    With over 100,000 Egytian troops in the Siani Israel had every reason to be wary

    You can read more here @


  • ?
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    8 years ago

    Your question is presumptuous - Israel did not provoke but simply acted strategically as any country defending itself should.

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    Becouse they now they kick but

  • Vortex
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    8 years ago

    They didn't, it came as a surprise.

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