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Could you feel any worse for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

They have secured another losing season.

They have been no hit by Homer Baily.

They have given R.A Dickey his 20th win.

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    Well, its sort of their fault. They were doing so well in July till the trade deadline rolled around. First, they trade Brad Lincoln who at the time had a 0.69 era. He was a solid reliever and could have slipped into the Pirates rotation. In return they get Travis Snider. With the exception of that one catch he has been mostly average. So to fill the void at pitcher the Pirates trade Casey who had a defensive presence at first base and could smack the ball at times, to the yankees for Chad Qualls who also at the time was pitching a 5.95 era. Then for the grand finale they trade away 3 prospects for a former, key word former all-star Gaby Sanchez who has had little productivity over the season. Had the pirates not made any deadline deals, I believe they would have that 2nd wildcard locked up.

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    I'm going to keep this short and simple. The Pirates do have a good team lined up for 2013 when Gerrri Cole is expected to reach the major leagues.

    Yet, for the time being, I must focus on the short term. It is inconceivable now, but the Pirates were 16 games over .500 only a month and a half ago. In fact, with one more loss, the 2012 Pittsburgh Pirates will be the only baseball team in history to finish with a losing record having been 16 games above .500 through 2/3 (108 games) in a season.

    I have one question everyone in management: HOW THE **** DID THIS HAPPEN AND WHY DID YOU NOT CORRECT IT???????

    I'm so mad right now that I am attending therapy sessions because I want to assassinate Neil Huntington and all of the Pirates management for letting this collapse happen.

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    i might say that the Mariners have the worst franchise in all of the majors no longer Pittsburgh, pittsburgh has gained 5 international sequence when you consider that they began and the Mariners have gained none, the lower back the pirates are 95 years older the Mariners. i think of that the foremost to Pirates victory is staying power and calmness, they the ideas that they used while that they had Roberto Clemente and Ralph Kiner. Basicly all i'm asserting is they decide on extra ideas and not in basic terms aroung like phonies.

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    I've got to believe that next season will be the season they pull it all together. They have a strong core of terrific young players who just need to learn how to close out a season. They played better further into this season than they did last year so give the kids another shot and they could take the division in 2013.

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    I'm a Cubs fan and I feel bad for the Pirates:/ hate the card tards lol

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    Yes, much worse. If something truly tragic happened to someone in their organization, then I'd feel bad for them, not just because they can't run a good ball club.

  • Cruz why would you bring up football in the baseball section? Yea i feel bad,they havent caught a break in a while. like 20 years.

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    The Pirates just......ah.....well......don't really know. Hope they do something next year, they really were doing so well for a while.

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    8 years ago

    It must be terrible to be a fan of them.

  • 8 years ago

    i have no feelings for the buccos.

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