what does chivas really need to improve on to become the team they were before they are right now?

Chivistas after watching Chivas tie with W.Connection i have lost hopes for this season. We aren't going to the liguilla and we don't deserve it. Chivas hasn't been playing good futbol the win vs Leon was lucky victory just to give Van Schip a breeze and lower his worries. Van Schip is not the right coach for Chivas because what i have been noticing is he has been trying to get Chivas to play this new futbol style the players are having hard time to adapt to. I understand he has alot of injured players and that could be another reason why this season hasn't been great but he doesn't discipline the players or never really screams at them from the matches i have seen. The game vs W.Connection it seems Chivas player's don't like him as well by the way they play and go into steal the ball or tackle to get the ball and some miss passes and miss goals. I won't be surprise if America win's i mean if they don't that's going to be embarrassing not being able to beat a weak Chivas at the moment.This team needs a recon structure by next season as a new coach Mexican i'm hoping the return of Guero Real would be fantastic or if not i think these mexican coaches would be great for Chivas: Victor Manuel Vucetich an Jose Guadalupe El Profe Cruz. These coaches have won titles already and work very well from bottom to the top and make their teams competitive. As for new players i don't think we need enough besides a right back because Esparza is crap and i would love to see Guti Estrada or Israel Jimenez come. A forward like Peralta or De Nigris would be great. A new winger im thinking Jesus Tecatito Corona from Monterrey would be great this kid is awesome with the ball and reminds me of Cabrito Arellano.

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    get a new owner and a tecnico that knows about mexican futbol and the players need to grow some balls they dont suck but they need to try harder where is the team from apertura 2011 they are the same team as before except with two refuerzos and they did good in 2011 besides i think chivas can beat america but it is not a good chance btw i wonder wat happened to guero real i want him back or how about efrain flores

  • D07
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    7 years ago

    Obviously bringing Cruyff was a mistake in my opinion he knows nothing about mexican futbol as well as the guys he hired like Todd Beane and Van Schip. They say patience is the essence but in a top club it is not you need good results.There trying to make Chivas play this european style football where its not working at all. Vergara obviously just brought Cruyff to keep the fan's hype and maybe go to the games more but honestly not even that isn't working. Chivas needs to get an ex-chivas legend or mexican in Cruyff's position instead because he will have more knowledge of mexican football. As for the players you mention i think Jimenez is a good right-back for Chivas even Severo Meza. Tecatito Corona from the matches i seen him play in the Concacaf Champion's league and some games during the league Vucetich gives him minutes he seems like a good player with good technique but i doubt Monterrey will let him go easily.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You hit the nail with the hammer bro. The only thing I think you're forgetting tho is that we need a owner that loves Chivas and doesn't pull the same crap like Vergara has with selling our best players and building a gayazz stadium that most of our fans don't like going to. I think we need a new owner who will restructure the coaching system, play a Mexican style of football(not Dutch), and actually care about our fans and think about our logo as a symbol and not a brand. When he made the Chivas logo a brand he stuck it everywhere and diminished its value. An example is Chivas USA. That ex. explains itself. But yeah all those things you mentioned would make a big difference too.

  • falls
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    3 years ago

    we settle on michel to get well because the goalie is making to many blunders because michel is the real goalie for chivas and without him of direction they'll in simple terms score on them fan i bypass for chivas

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  • You guys need a tecnico that knows about mexican futbol.

    Van't Schip needs to realize this isn't the dutch league, the dutch play a different kind of football, ours is a bit more dynamic.

    You guys have a lot of great components to be a good team, he just doesn't know how to use them.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    So its okayto beat chivas but it isn't okay for america to tie against them? Morelia puebla all tied with chivas is that embarassing for them?

  • Jorgee
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    7 years ago

    ^^^^^ Same **** He Said Chivas Need To Get Someone They Understand More

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