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Endometriosis! PLEASE HELP!!!?

I was recently diagnosed with Endo. 21y/o female extremely painful periods and leg weakness whenever my period is near. I am not able to take any birth control containing hormones because it causes severe migraines and vomiting. The Dr. who saw me in an Endo specialist who wants to do a laparoscopy he says I need it very badly. I had an accident with my BF last year and didn't get pregnant so we decided to try and see if we could. We tried for 6 months and nothing. Now I need this surgery and I have no clue what to do. I don't have health insurance and if I were to get insurance from the state it still would not cover the surgery. This Dr. only takes private insurance with out-of-network coverage. I was advised to either buy a HMO insurance which would cover all hospital fees but not the Dr. or anesthesiologist, buy a PPO insurance which costs $1700 per month and still pay 20% to the Dr. , or pay for everything out of pocket which apparently starts at $19,000 not including any charges I would be billed for the hospital. I am in desperate need of advice I am literally going crazy trying to find a solution! Any suggestions are welcomed!

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    I'm 39 years old and I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis when I was 15. I've never had it surgically treated because everyone I've ever met had it come back worse after surgery. I did take hormone birth control almost all my life. Everything from Depo shots to the mini pill. I'm now trying to get pregnant for the first time ever and the only thing wrong is low progesterone. I recommend that you try a mini pill first. And talk to other women who have had the procedure this doctor wants to perform. Everyone I have met that had the oblation had the endometriosis come back worse than before within a year or two. Just do more investigation. I'm not saying don't have the procedure done. Just get a second opinion. My periods are still heavy, but I barely have any cramping or problems since my early 20's. and I never had the surgery.

    Source(s): I recently had a hysteroscopy and fertility work up. So I know that everything is working good in there even though I never had my endometriosis treated. I had uterine biopsies and everything.
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