Hawaiian names for my dog?

I want to give my rescue dog a new name, and was wanting to use something Hawaiian. Really Hawaiian, and not a name someone made up that 'sounds' Hawaiian. The dogs a boy lab/husky mix. Any suggestions? :)

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    Hoopakele (ho-[quick break between vowel sounds]-oh-pah-KEH-leh) means rescue

    Pakele (pah-KEH-leh) means escape, possibly to remember that your dog was able to escape a traumatic, neglectful, or abusive situation

    If you want a name to say what color fur your dog has:

    Golden - Kula (koo-lah)

    White - Kea (keh-yah)

    Brown - Makue (mah-KOO-[quick break]-eh)

    Black - Ele (eh-leh)

    Grey - Ahina (AH-hee-nah)

    His mannerism or what you hope that your dog's mannerism will be:

    Friendly - Luana (loo-WAH-nah)

    Serene - Maluhia (mah-loo-HEE-yah)

    Happy - Hauoli (how-[quick break]-OH-lee)

    Active - Eleu (eh-LEH-you)

    Rascal - Kolohe (koh-LOH-heh)

    Courageous - Makoa (mah-KOH-wah)

    Other names that I can think of are:

    The mist - Kanoe (kah-noy)

    The mountain breeze or The coolness - Keanu (keh-ah-new)

    Snow - Hae (high)

    Song - Mele (meh-leh)

    Sea - Kai

    Sea breeze - Kaiani (kai-YAH-nee)

    Sea spray - Ehukai (eh-WHO-kai)

    Ocean swell or Wave - Kainalu (kai-NAH-loo)

    Deep sea - Moana (moh-WAH-nah)

    Or if you really want a traditional name:


    Cow-lah mau kah meh-yah ee pah-KEH-leh my (quick break)-ee-noh

    The perpetual light who was freed from the darkness

    Sorry, I honestly don't think naming a dog a name that some people may be offended by such as "Haole" is such a good thing especially when you consider it's literal translation, no breath/without the breath of life.

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    7 years ago

    Houli (or howli) means "white guy" in Hawaiian. Since it has a double "o" sound (Hooooli) it's distinctive and easy to hear.

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