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Difference between f'(g(x)) and (f o g)'(x)?

Given the following functions:

f(u)= (u)^1.5

g(x)= (x^4)+1

I found the (f o g)'(x) to be equal to: 1.5((x^4)+1)^.5 * 4x^3

I also need to find the f'(g(x)).... what is the difference between the two?



Zhou: Well I'm doing online homework and I copied and pasted the answer from the first to the second and it say it's wrong, though. :/

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    THere is no difference. They are the same.

    f(g(x)) = (f o g)(x)

    Therefore, their derivatives would also be the same.


    You are not wrong. Trust me, your answer is correct. But, you might want to evaluate it a little further and simplify the expression to 6(x^3)(sqrt(x^4+1)). If it still says that you are wrong, there is something wrong with the website.

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