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Are social and emotional issues?

Far too often overlooked for those with Asperger's or HFA who have a high IQ?

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    Well, assuming that you have a diagnosis of Asperger's or HFA, regardless of your IQ, then your social issues have already been taken into account. If they weren't taken into account, then you wouldn't have that diagnosis. Social issues are part of the necessary symptoms you need to show for a diagnosis of Asperger's or HFA.

    "Emotional issues" are not necessarily part of the diagnosis, but occur frequently among those with Asperger's or HFA. Meltdowns are quite typical. However, it is possible to have an additional emotional disorder (bipolar, anxiety, etc.) along with an Asperger's/HFA diagnosis, and I suppose that that would be easier to overlook since emotional issues are common with just an Aspie/HFA diagnosis and it might be assumed that it's just because of the Asperger's/ASD.

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