Shouldn't Obama be leading by a much larger margin in Iowa early voting exit polls?

Democrats were sent early voting ballots at a 5-1 margin over Republicans. Assuming the race was tied Obama should be 80% in the early voting exit polls.

"While some people will vote in person, even more will do so by mail. The Iowa Secretary of State’s office said Democrats had a 5-to-1 edge over Republicans in the numbers of absentee ballots requested statewide"

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  • 8 years ago
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    It is not easy for one person to fill out 200 nursing home ballots for Obama, ballot after ballot after ballot it gets tiring so they take time to mail back.

    How voter fraud works

    The reason there is little evidence of voter fraud at the polls on Election Day is because the fraud actually was committed long ago with the fraudulent voter registration.

    Groups that commit the fraud know the names of their fraudulently registered people submitted to and accepted by the Voter Registrar. On Election Day the felon voter goes in to vote using the name of the phony person and he is not challenged at the Poll because the name is on the Registrars Voter list.

    Thus, with their fraudulently registered people list in hand, 60 people on a bus can vote at 10 different voting locations under 600 different names that were registered years ago. In large cities with hundreds of polling places one is only restricted by time and polling places available.

    With voter ID to complete the task above it would require 600 ID cards and violate multiple laws. Voter ID forces each registration on the voters list to prove it is real.

    The newest fraud is the absentee ballot for early voting. It is the same fraud as above and starts at registration but one needs an address that multiple ballots can be mailed to without suspect.

    When the citizens of AZ wanted voter Id they had to battle the Democrats all the way to the State Supreme Court. Once voter Id was finally the law of the land everyone had to reregister. One did so by simply signing and mailing back a prepaid postcard that was mailed to every address that was a registered voter in the state. 35,000 cards were not returned and or the post office found them to be false addresses and undeliverable. NONE of these 35,000 voters complained at being taken off the voting rolls but the democrat party screamed bloody murder.

    Unchallenged a phony registration is a democrat vote.

    PS. States offer ID for those extreme cases of people who do not have any form of ID.

  • 8 years ago

    obama won the early voting battle against Mc bush in Iowa, but Mcbush beat obama on election day polling.

    That means that we got the enthusiasm level on our side

  • do they even do exit polling on early voting? I wouldn't think it would be enough people to get an accurate number?

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