Should I be Jason Voorhees or Michael Myers for Halloween?

I know it's up to me so please don't type that in your responses. :) I could use some honest opinions please.

I have dressed as Jason Voorhees since 2003 and for the most part I get positive attention from people when they see me dressed as Jason on Halloween. All kinds of people literally treat me like I am star. I go to my local downtown area dressed as Jason. For me to get the overwhelming amount of positive attention I get from most people is saying a lot because there are thousands of other people who are also dressed up in different costumes on Halloween and I am not trying to sound pretentious and/or cocky, but I outshine them all. Here is a link to a slide-show of me as Jason -

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The reason why I am considering being Michael Myers is so I can be someone different and add more variety to my Halloween night. I have a good quality Myers mask that was pricey and I had to buy it online so it's not like the ones you see in stores. I just worry if I will get the same good attention from people if I am Myers since Myers looks exactly the same in every film and anyone else dressed as Myers will look just like me, only I am taller and bigger then most, and the mask would be different. (Jason changes his clothing in each film so you have a much better chance of being Jason and not looking like other people dressed as Jason since you have a long list of options for the clothing you can wear if you are Jason.)

I also worry if I am too big to be Myers. (Of course in the remake, Myers was a big guy, so it could work.)

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    Before I answer, just to chit-chat, I am going to be Michael Myers for Halloween, and my sister is going to be Jason XD

    I saw the linked, and I liked the video :3. You look like a very good Jason, good height and the body weight (NOT SAYING that you are fat or anything, but it does match him very well), although you have been Jason for a few years now. You make a EXTREMELY good Jason, and if you were Michael you would look a little too big and tall (though, like you said, yes in the remakes, Michael was a big guy, although I'm always one to like originals the best).

    If I were you, I would be Jason because you've been it for so long, and so much, and you look exactly like him in the video. If you were Michael, you'd be a bit big for him and a little too tall. You would look best being Jason :)

    And, could I ask a question? How good is the Michael Myers mask you have, and where did you get it? Is it the rotten-looking one from the remakes? I can't seem to find any good ones anywhere.

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    Be one on the front of your body and on the back be the other one.

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    Just be yourself, even better :)

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