What is the total cost for a 1 bedroom apartment?

My girlfriend and I want to move in together and go to college in Sacramento next year and we are wondering how much would it cost monthly to make it happen? Including rent, electricity, food, and everything else. Everything else that has to do with the apartment only. We will forsure have one car if not then two. But again not including the car or gas. Just everything based on the apartment. Please break it down by saying what is gonna be how much. This is the link where I found a rather good apartment in college town right next to CSUS. Let me know some pros and cons on the apartment and your comments. Thank you. The unit we are planning to get is 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.


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    basing this on your link

    the cost for 1 bedroom (unfurnished) is nearly $900 per month --- that is incredibly expensive for just rent!!!!

    this does not include water, sewer, power, etc (read their info about what is included, then you can determine what is not included)

    there is no way to predict how much your utilities will run because that is relative to how much you use & the energy efficiency of the unit

    I have lived in one bedroom apartments that were energy efficient and had power bills as low as $50 per month (even with using my own washer/dryer)

    and I have lived in a 1 bedroom that was so horribly inefficient (even though the look of the building would lead you to believe it was efficient) that my first power bill was over $450 just trying to keep the apartment at 60 degrees in December

    your better bet would be to call the various utility companies & ask them averages for the apartment complex you are considering

    If, in theory, you both worked full-time & are also full-time college students (not much time spent at home)... and, if in theory, the apartment is reasonably energy efficient.... and, if in theory, you are very frugal with your energy use (for example keep heat no higher than 65 degrees & keep ac no lower than 80)... un-plug everything that is not in use or use power strips & turn off (cell phone charger left plugged in costs money even when it isn't charging.. same with computer or tv that is plugged in but not in use).... and if, in theory, your water use is very light (3 minute speed showers, re-wearing clothes frequently to keep laundry use to minimum, etc)

    then you can probably count on your basic utilities (not including internet, cable tv, phone, etc....) being about 2/3 of your apartment rent

    so, if all of those things prove to be true.... and if you are renting an unfurnished 1-bedroom.... then rent plus water and power ---- will be at or near $1600 per month

    if you need to rent it furnished... that will depend on how much they charge for furnished... often this will double the rent price --- and that would mean your apartment would cost over $2000 per month... possibly even as high as $2800 per month (assuming it is reasonably energy efficient)

    you might also be required to carry renters insurance (with or without it being furnished)..... and there is no way to guess what that cost would be in sacramento ----- I would recommend you add at least $2000 per year

    food..... also depends on what you eat & how much you eat ----- live on ramen noodles and drink water, it is possible to keep your food bill at or below $60 per week for 2 people (this would be $4 per person per day maximum for food & beverage)

    try looking at it this way... how much do you spend per day on food now (ask your mom how much your food costs)..... let's say you currently spend $7 per day on food & beverage ----- if so, then your individual food bill is @ $215 per month --- for 2 people that is $430 per month

    so, if you live frugally.... keep your utility use at a minimum.... and if this apartment is energy efficient... and if everything you put in your mouth totals less than $4 per day per person..... and if you furnish the apartment ---- then you could probably get by on $2100 - $2500 per month for a place to live & food to eat

    then you would add in car payment, gas for car, insurance for car

    and every other expense you incur

    cell phones

    internet connection

    will you be buying clothes? going to a movie once a month? paying for computer?

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    Not from sacramento but my 1 bedroom was $595 plus..

    Tax- 10

    Renters insurance-15




    Groceries-120 ish

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    Stop being lazy and do your own research.

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