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以下請各位大大幫忙中翻英, 謝謝~~

1.去年銷售量非常好, 但今年大幅下降, 是因為歐債對景氣的影響嗎?

2.你們產品銷售種類繁多, 哪一類產品比較不受景氣影嚮?




5.我們公司今年的歐美銷售量有比較衰減, 應該也是受歐債的影響吧

6.你們覺得歐債有被控制嗎? 明年的景氣預估如何?

會回溫嗎? 還是一直處於冷處?


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    1 Sales was great last year but this year it plummeted. Do you think it's due to the European Debt Crisis?

    2 You have a great variety of products. Which one is least affected by the economy downturn(or you can say recession)? Which is affected the most?

    3 Do you think the European Debt Crisis has a greater impact on the economy than the Financial Crisis two years ago?

    4 What is the low season and high season in your local market?

    5 Our sales in North America and Europe dropped a tad this year. This may also have been caused by the European Debt Crisis.有"比較衰減"是只有衰減一點點還是很多呢?我猜是一點點.如果是很多的話你可以用quite a bit. 另外如果你要說的是整個美洲的話請改成the Americas記得要加s不然容易跟美國混淆.加s的意思就是包括北美跟南美兩個美

    6 Do you think the European Debt Crisis has been contained? What's your prognosis for next year's economy? Will it be better or stay the same?

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    1. very good sales last year, but dropped significantly this year, is because of the impact of European debt on the economy?2. do you sell a wide range of products, what kind of impact products are less affected by the economy?Which kind of products more easily under the influence of climate?3. the impact of European debt on the economy also is a bigger financial turmoil two years ago?4. When is low season and high season for your market?5. our company in sales in Europe and America there are more loss this year, was also affected by the impact of the European debt it!6. do you think European debt have been controlled? Boom forecast for the coming year?Good times will be back to do temperature? It's been in cold?

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