How are Aer Lingus flight? Need some reviews on them!?

Hey I normally fly either with United Airlines or British. This time I'm a freshman at college so my parents want me to make my own decisions and I need to begin economizing on all my spendings during college. I researched online regarding some flights from NY to London and found that Aer Lingus is around $100-$200 cheaper than BA and United. Although I need to know how good is this airline in terms of

1) Flight condition in terms of cleanliness?

2) Efficiency (Is this flight always on time?)

3) Food (How good is the vegetarian food - although not such a great requirement for flying but still I would like to know)

Thank you

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  • Pompal
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    7 years ago
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    Aer Lingus appear to score particularly well on their transatlantic flights, so you would seem to be making a good choice. They also have a modern fleet with the average age of the aircraft being under 7yrs.

    For information on in flight meals see attached -

  • Mike R
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    7 years ago

    I've only flown them once, but they were good I thought. Not quite as good as United Airlines or British Airways on a transatlantic flight, but they were fine and I've also flown far worse airlines than Aer Lingus.

    Their flight I took was on time; although I don't have a very big sample size since I've just flown them once. Their planes were quite clean and the service was friendly as well. And I remember the food being fine, for airline food (although I didn't get a vegetarian meal). Overall, they have a good reputation though.

    I'd say go for it if it's cheaper than United or British Airways.

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