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What was life like during the 1990's and compared to today?

I'm 14 right now. Being in today's world filled with video games, reality tv, and cell phones, it does give me a wondering of what America was like during the 90's. Was it better then today?

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    In addition to what Fitz said, I would like to add that the U.S. government under President Clinton had a budget surplus. People had jobs and could afford their mortgages and food for their families. The U.S. was relatively prosperous in the '90s.

    George W. Bush changed all that in 2000. In four years, he destroyed the American economy, stripped away many of our freedoms, deceptively led us into an unnecessary war, and encouraged fiscal waste and widespread corruption with no accountability. In short, he destroyed this once-great nation. I can never forgive him or his administration for that.

    We have never recovered.

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    We were wealthier, had cheaper gas ($0.98 per gallon), and almost no reality TV ... other than that ... not too much different.

    Not really too much of a "terrorism craze" and Muslims were not in the news all the time. Although the cold war was over ... we were still thinking about nukes and commies rather than dirty bombs and extremists.

    We had beepers instead of cell phones. We didn't really have texting ... we just had numerical codes on our beepers. Each person had a code, so if you got a beep from a number you didn't recognize with a 42 on the end, that was me. 711 meant "meet me at 7-11" etc. We had entire conversations using beeper codes.

    Video games were just as popular ... the graphics just weren't as good. Oh, and pay phones were still being used regularly and only cost 20 cents. We didn't have mp3 players, we made mix tapes.

    Being less "plugged in" meant we spent more time "out".

    "Mom, I'm going out"

    "Where are you going?"

    "I dont' know ... out."

    Politics were less childish. Still childish, but not as much.

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    For me , today is much better compare to 1990's , theres a lot of discoveries, inventions and technologies.

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