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where is the safest place in colombia?

to vist or relocate --

how expensive is it to live in colombia?

compared to other latin american countries.

BTW . who exactly are the "death squads" after??

mucho gracias.

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    Colombia is a very beautiful country and a very beautiful a relaxing place to go on vacation depending your preferences . if you like tropic like places you can go to cities like Barranquilla or San Andres ect.. along the coast lines of Colombia, which has beaches in the Pacific Ocean as well as the Caribbean waters. Other extremely beautiful places to vacation would be cities in the mountains such as my hometown of Medellin , and not just saying because it is my hometown but because it is a city surrounded by beautiful mountains . other cities like Cali , pereira ect which are similar to Medellin are also a nice spot for tourism. Bogota , our capital is very city like and much cooler in temperate than the other cities. Colombia is a huge diversity in types of atmospheres . I'd say the best time to go would be in December . Living in Colombia isn't that expensive , and I promise it isn't that dangerous . it's a beautiful country with the friendliest and most beautiful hearted people .

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  • OC
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    8 years ago

    Hi K,

    you've got some good answers already. There are a lot of beautiful and safe places in Colombia. It all depends what you are looking for like tropical climate like in Cartagena or spring like weather year round like in Medellin. You prefer to live by the ocean or in the mountains?

    The safest city in Colombia though is Cartagena. I have been to Cartagena several times and recently returned from a 3 months trip to Cartagena.

    Have a great time in Cartagena.

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  • costin
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    4 years ago

    howdy, what area of the country are you going to??? maximum considerable cities are secure to commute around IN good areas. Colombia is a delightful united states and has a great form of issues to flow to. Use effortless experience. in case you detect something doesnt seem nicely, dont flow there. while making use of a taxi, call the taxi company for a taxi to %. you up. Dont difficulty approximately each and all the undesirable issues human beings say approximately colombia, as I suggested, as long as you reside alert and evade the poorer, unsafer (yet not which skill they are unsafe in step with se) areas, you're able to be ok. Colombia has more advantageous alot and it quite is plenty safer than ever formerly. all of us is very very valuable and are alwaus keen to assist you to. good success and suited desires!

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