Should I trade Wes Welker and Willis Mcgahee for Santonio Holmes and Michael Crabtree?

Standard League:

here is my line up:

QB Robert Griffin III

WR Calvin Johnson

WR Wes Welker

WR Danny Amendola

RB DeMarco Murray

RB Doug Martin

TE Scott Chandler

W/R/T Willis McGahee

W/R/T Mikel LeShoure


Reggie Wayne

Brandon LaFell

Aaron Hernandez

Daryl Richardson

Ramses Barden

Tashard Choice


or should I just do a straight up trade with Willis Mcgahee for Michael Crabtree?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The only explanation I can come up with for why you would even consider it is that the opposing owner has you at gunpoint (maybe Santonio is with him).

    Typically, you want to trade for players of equal or greater value - or to fill some hole in your lineup. Both of your players are much better than either of those guys. I probably wouldn't start either ahead of Reggie Wayne - I know I like Amendola more than Crabtree (maybe even more than Santonio). You would be trading away 2 solid starters for 2 bench/flex players.

    Welker > Mcgahee > Santonio > Crabtree

    You can do better ...

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  • virgin
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    3 years ago

    do away with Ward, and %. up a RB. yet save Holmes and Welker, Im not sure who will positioned up larger numbers. (i think of Holmes will) he's a redzone purpose. yet the two way, you would be alterating them with the aid of out the season. I had Holmes on my team final 365 days, and he doesnt constantly have one hundred backyard video games yet he's preety consistent. He catches alot of passes for over 20 yards. he's turning out to be Rbergers redzone pass to guy, so he could have 14 or greater td's this 365 days.

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