What is an action and evaluative plan?

For my research paper, I must conduct an action and evaluative plan for APPLE. I've conducted a SWOT analysis, but can't not get a straight answer as to what an action and evaluative plan are. I'm assuming an action plan discusses the actions to take in order to remain competitive. While a evaluative plan is to further discuss these actions and how they'll benefit the company. Am I on the right track? Any help or examples would be great. I haven't been able to find anything.

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    Your SWOT analysis will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Having that information is worthless if you don't plan on using it to help the company. To effectively use the information gained from conducting the SWOT analysis, you need a plan of action. This plan will outline what steps you will take to minimize the company's weaknesses and take advantage of its strengths.

    Now that you have a plan of action, you may be tempted to enact it right away. This is a mistake! First, you must decide how you will evaluate the success (or failure) of your action plan. What achievements will define success (e.g. increase sales by 15%)? What will define failure (e.g. increase sales by less than 15%)? Also, when will you evaluate the results of your action plan? After 6 months? A year? More than once? The answers to these questions will be your evaluative plan (a.k.a. your plan of evaluation).

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    The one thing we can also be definite of is steady trade, which means regular production. This means then after we live on the brink of the reward which is unfolding 'right now', then we are able to simplest do this if we have no inspiration or plan or idea. All ideas, concepts, plans, maps, paths, methods, are based on selections made by means of our mind, as a result are always 'prior tense' and will not ever fit perfectly the current source of cosmic expression which is unfolding proper now. To turn out to be one with the common existence supply, or what is being created within the reward, is a procedure of developing awareness. One's consciousness rises by means of letting go of clinging to what has already been or what maybe. The extra principles, ideas, plans, intellectual chatter, and so on., one drops, the quieter one will get in mind, and the much less reactive one is to the prior or future (which doesn't exist take delivery of we maintain it alive with our intellectual undertaking) and the extra one's whole self becomes entire, integrated, alive and one with flowing construction. No, i don't know my next step and i have no have to realize it. I am relaxed with living within the present second and 'no longer realizing' -- which gorws extra so on a daily basis. Why type a plan when I have no idea what will be next? The quote: "The quality laid plans of mice and guys usually go awry." involves intellect, as a excellent fact. This is true considering that the longer term is not here and for this reason not actual, so a plan is most effective an assumption headquartered on a intellectual projection. Plenty of time is wasted forming such plans of actions for matters which on no account happen. For this reason I consider it can be higher to simply hold one's center of attention within the present which is unfolding right now and learn to creatively relate to what offers in the moment.

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