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Sg PS Vita using US psn?

I just purchased little big planet yesterday, bought R1 version. (my friend told me abt R1R3 after I bought)

So does having R1 means you can purchase dlc from US ps store only? I tried using my sg MasterCard to purchase a costume but it does not work. unable to top up account funds.

does this mean that I cannot download anything from us ps store using my sg MasterCard?

I was prompted to fill up my card number, name, expiry date etc. the bottom portion requires me to state my address. do I use my real Singapore address or continue using the fake us address? however, I'm unable to change the region to Singapore as its locked to USA region :(

does this mean I have to change my psn account back to Singapore one? if I really have to, will I be able to download the costume? considering the hard copy of the game is R1.

your reply is much appreciated! :)

thanks in advance

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    Yes, R1 only accepts North America credit cards.

    But alternatively you can buy PSN card points from almost everywhere on the net.

    TOO many sites selling PSN codes, with even better prices than Sony itself offering.

    So just link your Credit card to PayPal or Google Checkout for payment to those sites.

    Also, if you hold a R1 game, it need your ENTIRE memory card be in R1, you cannot use another region DLC and saves on that memory card until format it.

    So it is suggested one memory card for one region game.

    This is how Vita locks on memory cards instead of consoles.

    Remember, one PSN account for one Vita memory card.

    PS3 and PSP do not have this restrictions tho....

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