Is Katie Holmes shallow and will she date another perfect guy?

You think Katie Holmes is shallow and after her divorce with Tom Cruise you think she will date another hot guy who is perfect, like a D.A., cop or a tough father figure like Ward Cleaver to Suri Cruise? That's what Katie is looking for, a tough father figure who is like Ward Cleaver, handsome like Robert Pattinson and has a perfect job?

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  • 7 years ago
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    i don't think she will start dating soon, but when she does, i think it will be an actor. i don't wanna sound like a bad person , but i would like her to be with joshua jackson. i know he's with diane kruger. but i loved katie and josh in dawson's creek. i think whoever she choses, the guy will be handsome. or atleast i hope. lol. she will choose a person who is good with kids.

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