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What kind of spider is this (pictures)?

found this thing in my bathroom swimming in a cup of water then it was crawling around the rim of the cup i've never seen this kind of spider before, i live in pennsylvania idk if that helps.......... at first i thought i was an ant but looking closer at it i assume it is a spider because on the right side it has four legs on the left only three ....

pictures i took of it on the cup....

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    These are called ground sac spiders or ant mimic spiders. A harmless spider,usually found outdoors, but can wander in searching for water.

    These are but few spiders that feed on ants as well as other small insects. They don't use web, but actively hunt their prey.

    Source(s): UC Irvine, entomology
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    it looks like danger one. It might have poison in it. Please be careful and stay away from these kinds of special spider.

    Source(s): my self
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