Is HSBC the only bank worldwide?

I was going to join the HSBC bank in Australia, if i use the bank in Bangkok and NY will it be just like using it in Australia

Last time when i had an Australian bank account with a Aussie bank, i went to USA and the ATM would give me money, but would let me know how much i had left in the bank

Can i have a regular saving account, even though im not a business?

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    8 years ago
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    HSBC do seem to be the most international bank, you find them everywhere. If you are rich they have a special service to help you handle your affairs worldwide. But I'm guessing you're not that rich. I can't understand your question about a savings account, businesses don't have savings accounts, individuals do.

    Source(s): I've used HSBC ATMs in Cairo, Dubai and Doha, if that' s any help.
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