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If my stp,ach isnt big and im 26 weeks prego is tht bad?

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    9 years ago
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    i am 28 weeks prego and i just started showing at around 26 weeks. i've gained enough weight just not enough belly so i have an ultrasound tomorrow to check on baby, besides that though everything has been fine. i wouldnt worry if your dr isnt, i know im not

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    No everyone stomachs grow differently you'll pop out alot within the last 2 months im also 26 weeks and not very big, thats my tummy only starting to grow

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    Yes that probably means your baby has died also known as a stillborn. You should go check this out with your doctor because this could be serious. With modern expenses, giving labor these days to a stillborn is just like giving birth for an expensive dump, so please check it out with your doctor immediately!

    Source(s): college general bio class
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