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Is it true that 9 million Jews were eradicated during the Holocaust from the Concentration Camps?

Werent there 1 Million Concentration Camps in Germany?

At first I heard it was 3 million, then it went to 6 million, then 8 and some people said it was 23 million,.... How many Jews were killed and in what time frame?


Its really confusing because honestly.... I thought it was 6 million.... but that is really a lot of people... A LOT.... What time frame were they talking about that eradicated 6 million Jews?

Update 2:

@Eoin... Wait a sec... There were only 10 Concentration Camps?!!!! ?? TEN?

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  • Ray W
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    7 years ago
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    The Holocaust took place, in earnest between July 1941 When Germany invaded Russia and early 1945 when the Allied advances overran the camps.

    Where is anyone saying it killed 23 million. It is generally accepted that 6 million Jews and 5 million others were killed during this period.

    Now to Woo and Riley.

    Do you Fcuking idiots ever actually listen to yourselves? " it cannot be 6 million because they would have to kill 42,000 people a day."

    Do the Math, I appreciate that may be hard with your level of education but I`ll help.

    6,000,000 divided by 42,000 = 146.3 days. You show me one Holocaust document that claims the holocaust lasted less than 5 months.

    to The One

    "Red Cross says that less than 300,000 died" You are of course referring to the bad Arolsen Document from the ICRC.

    I have an email from the ICRC at bad Arolsen which reads thus.

    In your mail you’ve mentioned the Document issued by the ICRC/ ITS. The copy of the letter which is spread mainly by Holocaust deniers and Right-Wing Extremists is frequently used by those Revisionists in order to convey an impression that the total numbers of Nazi victims, especially Jews, are much smaller than scientifically proofed.

    These copies are letters of the Sonderstandesamt (Special Registry Office) Arolsen, which issue death certificates of concentration camps victims. Naturally all the death certificates which were issued by the SS in concentration camps are excluded from these numbers. The Special Registry Office Arolsen which assists the ITS in handing over to survivors and relatives death certificates cannot be seen as the source how many people were murdered or died because of Nazi-persecution in Camps, Ghettos and other places of incarceration. Death certificates are only issued when documents or certified eye-witnesses verify the place and date of the death. It should be noted that a high number of victims were never registered and therefore the ITS can not issue a death certificate. The special registry in Arolsen is thus not the place where an official statement regarding the total number of victims of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution is made. It is only the number about those victims the special registry Arolsen has handed out a death certificate.

    If you are interested in further details about the story of how this document you have attached is mis-used in right-wing circles; the following article – although in German, but you may get a translation - will be helpful:

    Now does anyone else have any more denial BS?


    Source(s): 30+ years of WW2 research and a visit to KL Auschwitz
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  • BruceN
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    7 years ago

    There are many estimates out there. The recognized round number of 6 million is just an estimate based on the number that disappeared between 1933 and 1945. Fourteen million other non-combat related civilian killings, mostly Communists, Gypsies and Slavs were estimated to have occurred during this time also. Most did not die in death camps. Many starved or died from inadequate medical care in ghettos and regular prisons, factories, or work camps, or they were simply taken aside and shot in the field after digging their own graves.

    You might note that the population of Belarus declined by one third, and many were Jewish Almost every city in Belarus was burned, some more than once. They did not take names, they just herded anyone they suspected of being a communist, gypsy, or Jew inside a building and burned it. No one will ever know the exact number killed. The only thing that is sure is that millions of unarmed civilians were deliberately murdered for no reason other than their race, religion, or political beliefs and they particularly concentrated on the systematic murder of Jews.

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  • 7 years ago

    Not all were killed in concentration camps, genius. The total number of Jews slaughtered by the Nazis, like it or not, was six million. Or did they just vanish into thin air?

    Holocaust deniers are people who a ) want to get a rise out of others by denying obvious truths because history is always revisionary and open to interpretation (because we weren't there), memory errors, and cognitive biases. B) Holocaust deniers are people who've been taught and shown revisionist books for typically political agendas (to vilify modern Jews or minorities or to promote Nazism). C) Holocaust deniers are people who are deeply cynical and mistrustful of "official reports" and "mainstream learning" and have exposed themselves to revisionary and partial evidence that the holocaust never happened. D) People who simply refuse to believe that an entire country such as Germany could convince its people that mass slaughter is somehow, in some way, morally acceptable because a "just" god God would have stopped Hitler, or its too painful to think about, or because of blind and uncritical acceptance of "facts".

    Holocaust denial falls into the same category as the group claiming that the U.S. Government is behind 9/11. It's a refusal to accept the truth because it’s too difficult to accept, or because the individual is ignorant of the facts and latching onto ambiguities in complex dafta sets, or because the individual’s personality is disordered and deeply mistrusting.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    6 million Jews killed during the war in concentration And there was not 1 million concentration camps, there was abou 10.

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  • 7 years ago

    That's very difficult to determine because it wasn't only Jews who were sent to concentration camps. POWs, gays, any political opposition, and just about anyone who wasn't pro NAZI was likely to end up in a concentration camp and a lot of records were destroyed.

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  • 7 years ago

    Estimated Jews killed per camp.

    Auschwitz II










    Maly Trostinets






    Source(s): Life.
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  • Riley
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    7 years ago

    Only Americans in the United States, believe that tripe. Outside the USA we all educationally know that it is totally literally impossible to kill that amount of people.

    They would of had to kill over 42,000 people per day, which is impossible. Honestly do think for just one minute, people would just stand there without any fight to save their life, and let them kill them. Also this was 70 years ago, I guess they didn't expect we'd have technology we do today, as ground sensing equipment nor discovering DNA. Still today they have not found the mass graves and the numbers keep changing from 6 million to 4 million, to 1.5 million to 850, 000 now it's gone to 45,000 and that figure isn't confirmed.

    We all know something tragic happened there, people died blah blah blah, but the math doesn't fit the facts! I'd believe 45,000 figure but you need to remember they all weren't all Jews

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  • 7 years ago

    From what I heard and was taught, 6 million.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Red cross estimates less than 300k died in camps, mostly from disease. The holocaust is Israel's unholy armor to commit any crime they want.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    6 million is IMPOSSIBLE. It would have to be an average of 41,000 people PER DAY. IMPOSSIBLE.

    I would buy the one million figure...TOPS.

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