What's your love story? (: (Everyone can answer this!)?

It can be a sad one, or one still in progress, or a scandalous one, Maybe even a elementary school crush of your first High School serious relationship. I wanna hear them all! :)

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  • 8 years ago
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    i seen him and i was instantly attracted...he was the popular skater that knew everyone, and i was the no one with a crush to the point i wrote his name everywhere and on my hand...to the point everyone pointed out and he found out...i kinda stalked him and would hang out at the skate park on purpose he would ask why do i have his name on my hand and i would say because i like you...so he knew i wanted to go out but he had me lingering for a month and i would hear hes gonna ask you out..but it wouldnt happen until finally someone threw a kickback and he started to hang out with me an he brought me food and ask asked me to sit and he pulled me on his lap.....^_^ i was totally blushing....the next day he asked me out! we were both 16 and sophomores and every girl hated me and i was just smitten all through high school...i feel in love with his surprisingly good heart and sweet soul i was glad my crush didnt turn out to be a jerk...but an all around respectful and talented person...and now its 10 years later and we have one son together.....who says high school sweethearts done last :)

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    8 years ago

    Ok so here it goes... I'm dating this guy that is super sweet and caring and I can't imagine a life while out him except for the fact that he is fake mist of the time. I love him so much but there has always been this other guy in the back of my mind, who currently is asking me to help him with getting my friend to like him. ,y ex boyfriend is starting to show signs he likes me and i can't tell if I should be happy or not? All three of these guys mean the world to me, right now my ex is my bestfriend, the guy who wants advice is my crush (to the extreme, I cried when he said he liked another girl) and my boyfriend is the most amazing person you'll ever meet (teehee sorry he is taken). My crush hates that I have a boyfriend and keeps tell ing me t break up with him becuase I deserve someone more like him instead, but when I was single he wanted nothing to do with me.. And that is my love life currently (in extreme short hand)

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  • 8 years ago

    I'm living my love story right now!

    I came to College as a virgin in the dating world and I still kinda am one! The first day I got to the dormitory a bunch of returning students were coming too. K drove in, and I could see him from the RA's room where a bunch of us were just chilling out. He came in too fast and the RA was called him in to "yell" at him. The yelling consisted of the RA telling him it was too fast and him going "aw it'll be fine." Then he sat down on the couch that was across from me. He proceeded to talk to th RA about his summer and the drive down to school. I just sorta sat there and observed them. But the whole time I just sat there thinking how cute he was. Then, he dropped a wet blanket on my new crush....he had a girlfriend, and he was "99% sure I'm in love with that girl!" He said this quite often! So i backed off. (I am not the type to pursue a taken man!) We talked and became great friends though, over the course of that year. We got to both go on trips with the school travel group to Chicago and then to Washington DC. The Monday before commencement(a Saturday) he broke up with his gf! Then the other RA told me that she thought he liked me! I was rather hesitant because he had JUST broken up! But We texted all summer that summer and we got even closer! Then we decided to have "the talk" about starting a relationship. I was like super ready to start one with him! But then, while we were talking, he did most of the talking. (He has quite the gift of gab!) While we spoke, he told me that he wasn't really ready to start anything, he thought I was beautiful and had a great personality and stuff, but he just needed to focus on school and stuff. I took that and decided to pretend I felt the same way.

    Now the good part! We still talked all the time and he's pretty much my bff! So we talked all this past summer too, and we finally got out most of what we were feeling toward each other this labor day. We are waiting right now, to start dating. But, I think I'm falling in love with him. He's everything I've ever wanted in a man, and he's just that! A MAN!! My roommate tells me all the hottest love stories take the longest to get going.....mine is gonna be pretty dang hot! ;) <3

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    8 years ago

    Hmmm...well I met a guy when i was 17, ended up dating him nearly 10 years we actually got married around this time last year...but he divorced me (and I swear I'm not making this up) because on his bachelor party he had met a stripper, and decided he wanted to be with her. Yeah....then this guy and I started bonding/talking about the divorce, I fell head over heels for him we had a few dates but he told me the chemistry was not there...we are still friends and I'm still trying to somewhat get him bback but it's pretty much a lost cause....and I feel like I'm going to die alone. Basically my love life is a mess LOL I hope yours is better.

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    4 years ago

    have confidence me, it somewhat is an entire new international exterior of highschool...whilst actual life hits. i develop into with my ex considering freshman 365 days (14). We have been gonna get Tattoos and get married. We broke up 8 years later (I left him). i develop into now no longer that little woman he met in intense college, i develop into now a woman and have grown into myself. and that i'm satisfied! i found the actual love of my life. you do no longer even somewhat comprehend your self at your age. you will quickly comprehend.

  • 8 years ago

    Last year my mom bought me a computer. I named her Sarah. I love Sarah.

  • 8 years ago

    we've been together for four years until I found out he cheated on me

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