what famous people have been to yale?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Bill Clinton, Hillary Rodham Clinton

    George Bush

    George W Bush

    Gerald Ford

    William Taft

    Dan Akroyd

    Angela Bassett

    Clare Danes

    Jodie Foster

    Sara Gilbert

    Harry Hamlin

    Stacy Keach

    Christopher Lloyd

    Francis McDormand (Fargo)

    Brenda Vaccaro

    Tracy Pollen (Mrs. Michael J. Fox)

    Paul Newman

    Edward Norton

    Christopher Noth (Mr. Big)

    Eugene O’Neill (Playwrite)

    Cole Porter

    Vincent Price

    Dr. Spock (Pediatrician and author)

    Meryl Streep

    Brandon Tartikoff

    Gary Trudeau

    Sam Waterston

    Sigorney Weaver

    Thornton Wilder (author)

    Henry Winkler

    And, a lot of highly successful business leaders and some famous athletes

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