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Whats better abec 3s or 7s?

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    ABEC is basically meaningless for skates or boards. It is an industrial standard for vibration at speeds that would be over 200 mph. Some of the top makers (Twin Cam, Bones, Zero Drag) make their top of the line bearings that do not meet the ABEC standards so that they can have larger clearances in some location to make them spin better but staying tight in others to control slop. The maker of the bearings is much more important than the ABEC number.

    It doesn't say anything about how long they last or how fast they roll. A lot depends on the maker and their goals. Greases feel sluggish at first (it can be a long time if they use a lot of grease) but will last a lot longer before they need to have any lubricant added. Grease also protects from water better. Oil spins fast right away but need much more maintenance and offers very little water protection. Gels are in the middle for speed but can be loaded with anti rust compounds.

    I have had very good luck with the mid level bearings from both Zero Drag and Twin Cam. Twin Cam bearings are famous for being durable and I have gotten good deals on the Zero Drag with very good life out of them.

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    I agree and disagree with different points of the other answer.

    ABEC ratings are not the way you should rate it as, but for whatever reason, that's what a lot of companies do. For those that do refer to ABEC ratings, the higher the number, 1-3-5-7-9's, the better. So to your question, 7 is better. The important thing like the other guy said, is the company. If you are picking between 3's and 7's, i'd easily go with the 7's. BUT if you are picking between two sets that are both ABEC 7 or one is 5 and one is 7, then I'd look into which company is better and reliable.

    I have ABEC 5's in my rollerblades.

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