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Chance at Presidential Scholarship at Oregon State?

I'm looking to go to Oregon State next fall, and I was wondering if anyone else has applied/received the full tuition paying Presidential scholarship, or an equivalent at another state school.

I have:

3.95/4.15 weighted GPA

AP Scholar

Honors Diploma

5 AP Classes

33 ACT

No SAT yet, but probably ~2100-2200

FRC Robotics Team Captain for 2 years, leader for the 3rd

Starting robotics team at another high school

Full time summer internship at Autodesk

Dean's List FRC Award semi finalist

NHS for 1 year

Some volunteering through robotics

Thanks for your help!

Also, I'm planning to do Electrical and Computer Engineering


No chance at financial aid based off of income

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    You meet the eligibility requirements for the scholarship but I am not how competitive this is though since I don't how many of applying students have similar eligibility status. Also, it wasn't clear if there's a financial need basis or not.

    I would say you have a good chance of getting it, but maybe not the full amount, depending on how much your family's expected contribution is. Here are the quotes from their scholarship page (also linked below so you can read for yourself): "Award amounts vary based on the student’s overall competitive ranking and/or financial need." and "Starting in 2011, awarded for up to $8000/year, renewable for 4 years, with 60 awards per year. (not sure if it's really 60 though since awards amounts can change from year to year)".

    I got a Presidential scholarship from my university, but my university is not that competitive. Pretty much everyone who had a 3.75 GPA and above 30 ACT was guaranteed a presidential scholarship. Also you probably know this, but note that this scholarship only covers the tuition; room and board, personal costs, travel expenses, books, class fees, etc will cost you a whole lot too. I think in the end, my scholarship covered a little more than half of my cost of attendance and I had to get other scholarships/grants, loans, and work study to make up the rest.

    Edit: Also forgot to say: you might consider joining the university's Honors program (if it's not too late). They usually give their students an extra couple of thousand dollars in scholarships for being in the program, and at my school, it's just a blanket-deal. All Honors students get them regardless of financial need.

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