Polybutylene Plumbing?

We bought a mobile home in 2006, which was backed with a FHA mortgage. It was not disclosed to us that it had Polybutylene Plumbing-which I have seen has settled a class action lawsuit. Do we have any recourse with anyone? Pipes have burst on more than one occasion, and we have to fix the pipes and damage. From what I have read-I understand this should have been disclosed since it was backed by the FHA. Is it the realtors fault for not telling us about these pipes? The class action lawsuit is long over.


Mark-it was built in 1976, the lawsuit was settled about 7 months after we took possession-but we did not know about the issue.

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  • Danny
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    7 years ago
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    If I recall correctly (and no what's his name's disease so far), the failures in the class action suit were largely UV exposure and high chlorine water, in California.

    Meanwhile, PB enjoyed a relatively brief success in residential and certainly mobile home plumbing, easy to work with, flexible, quick to install (like PEX is these days). Lots of failures, however, with bad fittings, or rather poorly installed fittings.

    Typically, the use of crimp fittings on PB required a fairly expensive crimper that had to be checked perodically with a go/no-go guage, and that didn't get done enough, leading to over or undercrimping, then fitting failure.

    You can still get decent fittings for the stuff ( try Qest PB fittings for your search engine). Actual burst PB pipe I would suspect may have been caused by freezing, which can blow any pipe.

    If it was a popped fitting, not the PB itself, there you go.

    So, without resorting to a complete refit, you can live with it

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  • MARK
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    7 years ago

    It's hard to say. Depends how long ago the suit was filed, how long ago it was settled. What year your mobil home was built. Unless the problem was known to exist with that kind of tubing at the time you bought your house, there would have been no need for them to disclose anything about that plumbing to you. That's why I don't like any kind of plactic pipe at all. Especially any kind of pressurized water line.

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